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Duct tape and zip ties




Last night I discovered that Red Green was only partially right; duct tape may be the handyman's secret weapon, but zip ties definitely come in a close second.


Yesterday while I was shoveling the rest of my driveway/walkway so that my mom wasn't going to slip and fall while visiting, my gf was doing some laundry and suddenly the washing machine stopped working. So last night, after my mom left of course, I took a look at it. It turned out that she had overloaded it, and when the spin cycle started it shook back and forth so much that the switch that tells when the lid is closed broke off of the frame. :wall: It wouldn't continue the spin cycle because it thought the lid was open all the time. Fortunately, while the part of the switch housing that mounts to the frame was broken, the switch itself was sill working. :grin: This led to the question of how to remount it so that it wouldn't fall off again while in use. :-k While my first thought was indeed duct tape, I felt that it wouldn't be secure enough. Then it hit me: zip ties! Two holes drilled into the frame and a large gauge tie later, the switch was held securely in place and the washer is operating properly again. :thumbsup:


That's right, I fixed a washing machine with nothing more that a freakin' zip tie! :twss: I don't mean to brag, but even I'm pretty impressed with that. I can only imagine how much it would have cost if had called a repairman, but knowing what I have to charge my customers it makes me shiver just to think about it. :ohnoes:


I guess all that time I spent as a kid building Lego sets and taking apart the vacuum (yes, I really did that :lol: ) finally came in handy.


Goodness I used a lot of emoticons today, didn't I? :blink:

Until next time, blog fanatics! Cheers.



**Kaida23, Tip.It, and anyone else you might think to blame assume no responsibility for damages, lost sanity or angry spouses should you be foolish enough to attempt anything described in today's blog. Remember: I'm not a trained professional, and neither are you.**



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Lmao sometimes zip ties do the job better than anything else. I broke my trim at the bottom of the truck floorboard so I zip tied it back on. It's in a place where no one can see my master fixing skills so It saved me from having to buy a new trim piece from the dealer lol.

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haha very nice, I've never been really good at fixing things though. My Dad is the one for that. He once fixed our entire phone line and saved us heaps of $$$ if we called a repairman. I still have no idea how he did it, but he likes taking things apart as well :lol:.


Last time I took something apart, it was by accident (my damn USB crushed when I sat on it) :unsure:. Maybe I'll have a go on my old PS2, who knows what I might learn from it :thumbsup:.

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