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Went to Vegas a Freewoman, Came Back a Slave�




Upon my return from Vegas, I find myself shackled up and put up for a slave auction :o! More on that in a bit


So Tip.Iters, I went to Vegas, and had a truly unforgettable trip. So wonderful that I feel like blogging it for your reading pleasure :D (hears the groans of those who hate TL;DR entries). So without further ado I present to you:


Shahdie Goes to Vegas!

After a long and arduous drive we pulled up to the MGM Grand among a boulevard of twinkling lights. The night was young so we were eager to take a walk on the strip as soon as we checked in. After getting our room keys, confirming our Ka tickets, and having our bags taken up to our room, we headed out the door into the cold night air.


I could truly tell why they call Las Vegas the city that never sleeps. Everywhere you looked was illuminated and full of action. There was only one little minor complication to this evening of fun and wonderIT WAS FRIGGIN WINDY! We had no clue that we had arrived on the eve of high wind conditions. Due to this, we were able to snap very lovely wind swept photos like this one!


(Check out the height on my hair!)



When the sun started peeking through the evening sky, we decided to head back to our hotel room. I plopped myself down on the queen size bed and fell asleep the minute I shut my eyes. The next morning I woke up to already find that room service had delivered our continental breakfasts. The portions were so generous that I hardly finished what they put on my plate :P(mmm the pancakes) After breakfast we sort of lazed around the hotel area, went outside to see the iconic MGM lion statue outside, and took this picture.




Once the day slipped into night again, we anxiously waited outside the Ka theater. We werent left outside the theater doors for too long and were soon escorted by an usher to our seats. The moment I sat down I was startled when I noticed there was physically no stage! There was just an empty abyss and the sounds of whispered voices emanating from it.


Shortly the lights started to dim and finally a stage emerged from the dark chasm. Two swordfighters were engaged in graceful and elegant combat. And the restwell I dont want to spoil it but I will give you a taste of what I saw. Picture witnessing 10-15 spearmen twirling their staffs in mesmerizing choreography. Imagine a sea battle of epic proportions on an 1800 lb boat piloted by the performers own strength. Envision a matrix-like martial arts showdown occurring at a 90 degree angle. Conjure up your definition of a wheel of death and be surprised to find out that you were wrong.


When the performance finally ended, I was winded by what I saw. Ka had soaked me in like no other Cirque du Soleil ever had. If any of you out there have written down a bucket listI seriously advise that you add seeing Ka as one of the things you must do before you die. What I just saw will stay with me for the rest of my life.


During our last night in Vegas, we toured the strip one more time for some fresh air. It was not as windy as the night before and we were able to truly enjoy our final evening. I whipped out my camera one last time to get some snapshots of the amazing places I had seen. Phewwhat a trip it was.


[hide=Vegas Pics]shahdiestriptovegas.png[/hide]


Shahdies a Slave!

You heard right! The folks at TET have dragged me by the ankles and put me up for bidding to all you Tip.Iters out there :(. Nahthe truth is they asked me nicely if I wished to participate in the famous Tip.It Annual Slave Auction and I gladly accepted. Im a bit nervous to see who my final master will ultimately turn out to be. What if someone takes me up on my offer to grant them my most sacred possessionmy tiara?!



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I'm still pissed that I didn't win you :(. Oh well, you were bidded the highest on (if that bid turns out to be real) at least so bravo!

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