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Come one, come all! Come see the Amazing Shahdie juggle pickaxes with the greatest of ease!




The above is just a little fun graphical glitch that is achieved with the candy cane spin emote from A Christmas Warble. For an explanation of how to achieve it see this. I got inspired to do this since it looked incredibly fun and as homage to the amazing performance I'm about to see...you guessed it, I will actually get to go to see Cirque du Soleil's "Ka" in Vegas! It was one of those, you have to wait till the last minute to be informed if there are tickets for you kind of deal. I'm so happy it worked out :D!


In other news, I hit over 19 million mining xp today! It was certainly a nice early Christmas present and I am eager to reach 93 before I head back to university. I may even get to 60k bars, perhaps 70k very shortly. So don't be surprised to see me making countless Edgeville furnace runs on world 99 these next few weeks. Well, thats it for now...I wish all of you a very fun and happy Holiday. See you after Christmas Tip.It!



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Cirque du Soleil was on Amazing Race I believe :lol:. Looks like it will be a lot of fun to go see! Have a great time at the show and merry christmas :thumbsup:

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Thank you thank you thank you for showing the juggling trick with the candy cane, had a lot of fun juggling every weapon in my bank, black sallies are by far the best!

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