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Tasks 86-90

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Task 85: Abberant Specters (124) [sumona]

Drops: Snapdragon seed, Rune Large, Lava Battlestaff

Charms: 15,10,5,3


Task 86: Spiritual Mages (162) [sumona]

Drops: Nothing Good





Task 87: Aquanites (174) [Lapalok]

Ugh, blocked.


Task 87 part 2: Trolls (177) [sumona]

Drops: Tooth Half


Task 88: Basilisks (126) [sumona]

Drops: 6.5k, 164 Natures, 900 Water Runes

Charms: 11,24,5,0


Task 89: Turoth (124) [sumona]

Drops: Ranarr

Charms: 16,22,9,5


Task 90: Steel Dragons (45) [Lapalok]



Task 90: Black Dragons (67) [Lapalok]

Drops: Loop Half

Cannoned in Evil Chicken Lair

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