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  1. I have 2 monitors hooked up to my computer, And I have become quite adjusted to its usefulness, especially when playing runescape. Chinning at ape atoll was never boring while I watched movies on one screen, and played on the other. Also, quest guides or browsing the forums without having to hop through screens has proven to be very handy. Now, my question regards playing on full screen. While on full screen, I can only use 1 screen at a time, when I try to use the second monitor, runescape reverts to normal mode, which is how I've been playing all along. Is there anyway to keep runescape locked in full screen mode on one monitor, and still have access to the second monitor, and access to a browser without exiting full screen mode? While in full screen mode, the browser on my second monitor gets distorted, and "pushed" about 3 inches to the right, cutting off the browser's visibility.
  2. When the gravestones came out, I was level 60 prayer, so when I tried to bless a gravestone I learned I needed 70 prayer to be able to do so. As soon as I found out, I telle'd to Varrock and bought the 1800 dragon bones to get 70 pray, specifically to help others by blessing their graves. It wasn't till after that, that I realized I could Piety now. As far as Qeltar's post, that is a great idea, you have yet to make an un-insightful post on these forums. Another possible bonus would be a full recovery of HP when you bless a grave. Not a bad trade for a few prayer.
  3. I went from 91 fletch to 99 fletch in 5 days doing magic longs I made little or no profit, but it was fast as hell. I got level 98 and 99 in the same day. I was making over 2m exp a day... but i had no life then.
  4. Pzycho

    Yay MIME!!

    I cant believe all these posts about randoms. Ive gotten mime like 50 times. I just keep dropping the sets cuz they take up my bank space. Ive gotten camo even more then mime. I just honestly cant believe people are having trouble getting them. I always get then on world 2 when I try buying or selling. also I dont think this is true, but I happen to notice it ALOT for me. 95% of the time I get the random in Varrock, its mime. Where as 95% of the time Fally gets me camo. Im usually buying arrows in world 1 at archery store and then next thing i know...mime. Ive only ever gotten 2 full lederhosen so I dont know what town prompts them. And It doesnt matter where I am to get balloon popping. I get that one like 4 times a day...
  5. Im pretty sure the inteligent people at Tip.it can offer me more insight than this. Im really perplexed here.
  6. Well, Im pretty much at a loss for stats, so if anyone can tell me the optimal stats that a mage should have, that would be nice.
  7. Back when I Played RSC, before RS2 Came out, The Pkers owned the wilderness. Because of this, and using all my genious, I decided to create my own Pker. At the time, (much like now) I had no idea what I was doing, and took the advice of others to create my "pure." The result was this... LVl: 43 Hp: 39 Atk: 42 Str: 44 Def: 11 Rng: 36 Mage: 2 Pray: 25 A failed attempt at a black prayer pure? After 2 battles...which ended in horrible defeat, I scraped this guy vowing to never again play him, and try agian. After wasting hundreds of thousands of gold on this character, (r2h's cost alot back then!!) I was hesitant on my new character but proceeded anyway. I decided to make him a juggernaught, nothing but attack and str. A few weeks later, I was left with this. LVl: 38 Hp: 39 Atk: 40 Str: 45 Def: 5 Rng: 1 Mage: 1 Pray: 1 After taking up runescape recently after some years, I ran into a group of pures on their way to the wild. This reminded me of the two characters here. Though I have not played them in RS2, I am sure they will suffer the same fate as in RSC. As it is, I havent dared travel back to the wilderness after my last defeat, so I question hear, is there anyway to salvage my first embarasment of a character, and what do I need to do to make my lower level beast a killer? I have no faith in either of my apprentices, and contemplate starting over...again. This time with a mage. My main character (should be in my sig) will be able to support the cost of a mage up to 75 magic. So again I query, should I scrap both of these characters, and go pure mage, or can either of these two be turned into a character worthy enough to brag about? I have the money, and time needed to train any of the stats to a necessary level so please dont hesitate to post opinions. It will be a relief to actually play again rather then merchant all day long (like my main character...)
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