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  1. wired all the way. They are sending another technician tomorrow to check it out. My only concern is that he does more damage. I recently started university so i kinda need everything working =D
  2. Ye im running Wins Vista Home edition, and i am like 90% of the time on Msn. So that could be a definite problem. Il try not running it, and see what happens. :thumbsup:
  3. No the problem started well before then.
  4. Im quite sure all the cables are connected properly, because I have not touched them since the technician came in and did his work. I did replace the Ethernet cable that came with my modem, and I don't really think any one is pirating it =D
  5. Only have the built in firewall that came with my pc, and The Cable light does turn off when I disconnect.
  6. Hey Guys To start off my isp is Rogers, and the modem they gave me is a Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 Series. I have been with rogers for a little over 2 years now, and about a month ago my internet started to disconnect once every few hours. Now it's at the point of disconnecting every 5-10 minutes. I have called them, and they performed their tests, and it said it was working fine. I exchanged my modem for another one as well, but still getting the same problem. I'm not sure what I need to do to resolve this. Im thinking its either faulty wiring, but they came and checked it, or a program on my pc, but I have no clue what it could be. Thanks for your time. ~Pamont2~
  7. Say Im Doing something on firefox like youtube and such, and im also running rs. The second i notice My video isn't loading I switch back to rs and it says im disconnected, and this happens once every 10 mins or so.
  8. Hey Guys My Isp is Rogers Canada, and the modem they gave me is the Scientific Atlanta Webstar DPX2100 series. I haven`t had any issues with it since a week ago, and I have had this modem for a little over three years now. I constantly unplug the cables, and run diagnostics on the connection. It always comes up saying it has no problems, and while all this is happening im constantly getting disconnected. I have called the tech support several times, and all they say is look at the light... are they flashing blah blah blah, and they have sent out tech to my house, but all they do is give me the same god damn Webstar and tell me everything is alright... And by the way I disconnected three times just trying to type this out =/ If any one has had this problem, or knows of a solution could you please tell me. ~Pamont~
  9. Might be the most random news you will hear today, but I got ACCEPTED to university. Not sure how much this will effect my game time, but W00T. *jumps up only smash his head on the ceiling* =D
  10. Not quite sure at this point. I have my entrance exams and other stuff to deal with, but maybe later on. And more pics added
  11. Hey Guys =D My Name is Pamont, and I was a former Pk'ing addict back in the old days, but had quit for some time. Decided to come back, and wreck some people in Pvp. I noticed that many people do run in this new pvp, and that honor in Ftp no longer exists. Shame, but il see how well I can do. Expect this to be updated daily =D Returned to Runescape on April 20th, 2009. [hide=Bank Picture] I know it isn't much to Start with, but MEH =D[/hide] [hide=Stats] Apart from my Magic level, and Prayer everything was trained in Ftp, and I doubt I will be getting Magic up anytime soon seeing it is worthless in Ftp =D[/hide] [hide=Player Kill Screenshots] ^ THis girl wouldn't Stfu so I made her smd in the end =D[/hide]
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