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  1. Thanks for all the rates and comments. I am kind of surprised I got this many replies :lol: I had 4,185 points after my 307th task which got my 99 slayer.
  2. ^bought slayer darts with my points, but i saved 90^ some of my drops... whips: 30 dark bows: 5 dragon boots: too many to count =p I sold my armor and slayer collections so I have enough money for 99 prayer and to use up my charms. I should end up with 93 summoning. rate/hate ^.^
  3. 100 whips is an insane achievement. How did you manage to keep sanity? Easily 10/10
  4. 85 Slayer :D I plan to get 99 Defence through Slayer which should get me to 88 Slayer. I will probably then take a long break and go back to skilling for a while. Any suggestions on what to train would be helpful :wink: rate/hate
  5. It took me a few months of fishing monkfish to get this. I took many breaks, mainly between levels in the 90s. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I plan on getting all skills 60+ and 99 cooking sometime in the near future. After that its back to my favorite skill, Slayer. Current Stats Rate */10.
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