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  1. i sorta disagree cuz most people i know dont go to world based on where they live
  2. Hey guys i was in world like 62 the other day and i ran into this..... and it made me wonder why some worlds are high pop and some are low pop. what do u think the reason is??
  3. 16!! legal beer!! where are you from? Netherlands :) wow you can drink legally at 16 in the netherlands?? Thats 5 years younger than in the US!
  4. ugh i dont know about the p2p stuff, but the f2p is DEFINATELY wrong. One of my accounts is f2p, has about 2mil xp, and has 697 total level. I could easily get 12 levels without needing 1 mil xp... did u just pull that numba out yo @$$? :^o
  5. awesome idea!!! woohoo this started on my thread!!! \
  6. i sure hope not, i dont think its really that important how old you are, as meadowmont said.... so if anyone.. changed their age a lil, i would be great if you could change it to your real age to make this poll more accurate, thanks.
  7. good idea, i was thinking about that. I'll update in an hour or so showing the results on my original post. In the meantime, keep posting! Thx
  8. thats one pesky little keylog u got! never heard of anything that can get thru all of that virus protection.
  9. i would go for 120-150 each, itd take forever to sell 180 ea
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