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  1. this is just a improvised guide for it... hope soon rune tips staff will make 1 nicer if u want ur 10k and ur boots (fighters or fancy they boost u equally) just go to barbarian village to the center and go through a hole there use the portal u ll travel to a room search the thing in the middle then go downstairs and take the portal repeat the process till u reach the last floor where u ll recieve ur boots if u wnt the spectre enter the hole and kill minotaurs lvl 27 till they throw a part of the skull. then go to the second floor and do the same with flesh eaters. then go to the 3rd lvl and do the same with catblepons np with the lvl they r. then go to the 4th floor and do the same with the ankou. they ll all throw sth that looks like a bone or a skull . the spectre consists of 4 parts right half left half bottom and upper. then join them all and u have ur spectre which is used to tele barbarian village from newhere just 5 times... happy runescaping!!! :)
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