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  1. Eternal Allegiance Site Introduction: Eternal Allegiance This clan was created by Muhamer on November 22 2006. This clan has had many members in the past but has been closed down and now it has reopened with a fresh new start. EA Requirements: 1. 90+ Combat 2. 85+ with 70 Hp 3. 85+ Combat W/ 75+ Range or 75+ Mage 4. 80+ Combat for Future Applicant {FA} You must meet 1 to join this clan. Leader(s):Muham3r (106) Clan Events: F2P/P2P PK Trips King Black Dragon Trips Castle Wars Fun Wars(Mini Incl.) Drop Parties Holiday Events Pits Many, many more... Clan Details: F2P/P2P War/Pk Clan based. Our clan cape is Team #50 Clan initials = EA EST Time Zone. How to Join: 1. Go to http://z14.invisionfree.com/Eternal_Allegiance 2. Register a new account with your runescape NAME. 3. Go to your email check both Mail Box and Junkmail to activate yourself. 4. Once activated copy the application form and paste it in a NEW topic and fill it in. 5. Wait for acceptance/declination for Eterenal Allegiance. Join Today http://z14.invisionfree.com/Eternal_Allegiance
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