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  1. its nice to notice that ppl even know some of those old pals
  2. sorry 4 every1 who aint on that list.. i cant remember every1 :lol: yeah i remember Llama0 he was my bro's friend..
  3. and all who doupt me how can i know Tiwi if i am not old school because he was banned december 2001 (i remember not sure) of using bots autos etc [cabbage]...
  4. ooh yeah Mctavish did make up PB's but they are not that old school but pretty old still... there are some newer players like Blick and Official they were pking at the castle all the time when wilderness came out....
  5. well yeah cant remember all the names :) but hey say what you think about those guys...
  6. most of those names are like 2004-2005 ur talking about black pure mith pure... hey there were few pures before wilderness i remember 2 pures who are wery early pure Azn Purity I Wicked I
  7. hehe.. that bad typing was because i was a bit drunk, but now when u asked i started 2001 when there was 3 servers and about 2000 players online at one time there was no wilderness and best set of armors was addy full with mith kite...
  8. Ok... me and my friends are so bored to this new RS bs... so we thought that do u still remember these old scool pures/pkers/players??? Junglebro w00tpecker Blick Official SAX Sakke8 Sir Wout95 Wargazme Nowyoudie Cattie Brie Avain69 Dmx Kobe King Leonardo XxCavalierxX Gearshifter Bluerose13x Byckkuu Bouh Motherofrage War XXl The Great E Equalizer T Sir Elliot Thehate Ttj Paki4ever Angel 2002 I Wicked I (Best Pker Of RS World) Gogamus (Best Catcher) Snake Slava/Snake Slavik Master Don 6 Lady Deja Vu Sandytrain Kuriz Masterlance Anttila Coffee Sabre Real Kana Unbeaten Untouchablex Pekoni FOX SixFeetUnder Ashley A S H L E Y D E A D L Y Ssj Goku Fckedyomomm (One of the best RS names Ever!!!) Hohto Kingpin kdog3wa Azn Purity Jalkapallo1 Robin Hood BONEBRAKER6 L6VI Eugene Ru Who Da Best D E S I R E Daakpunk Swifty Zorro Toy Tks Swifty Mcvay Chaos Guy Bs Arkan Datrupimp Deadskinmask Azn Cutie Daakpunk Adx1 Sue Me Who Da Best Pokey Peksi 6x9 Whitemagem Zonghui Ladykilljoy Fist Of God Eva 02 Lady Lynda Galaxyg Gregechidna6 Zar Family 2 Tyler11 Song Flower Luckylucky28 Max333 Ravoz Lilyuffie88 X Shadow X Trupimp Tram Muhahahahaha Iampenguin Levidog2 Earlcar6 Rainbowdolph Tertsi Azot Ivoivoivo Uloveme Ssgoku 2 Datrupimp Xxzibit Abyss Worm M Oldfield Lightning Hehasnoidea Sunjon Jakkeri Kingleonardo Runedoll Gogeta Ssj5 Lilcutiepie Agassi Babyluv Red1010 Nas Escobar Danethor Musashi22 Shorty 2001 Groovesan Robin Hood2 Sexy Razor (best Pker Before Wilderness came out) Viikate Orchid Tea The Old Nite Bigaboys Russ An Real Snowsi Flower 2003 Haxx0r Maxx Azot Zaptone Z Sunjon Wickedwayz Hiana Graffixetet Gormis Tiwi Alchemon Pepsi 24 Kobiianardo 6shooter Andyawz Fook A Ji Mctavish (Made PB's) Meili Llama0 Igor 10 S1acker Blace Mace Joe Jenninz Oldmanschild Yedija I cant remember all the oldschools because we are drunk now but we will keep adding them, post all really old school if you remember!!!
  9. cool i found few oldschool pic... http://www.boomspeed.com/runescape03/ those kills are from my old account Peksi 6x9 -Peksi
  10. hmph.. i prolly got some old pic's too... i try find them.. -Peksi
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