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  1. Okay, first of all, you have to be 13+. Second of all, if the company sold your information (which is against their privacy policy) you have the right to sue them. Which, in return, would earn you thousands of dollars. And why would I give out an unsafe link? Some of you people no virtually nothing about how to hack via links. If any of you were smart, you would know that you would have to be playing Runescape application while opening the link, and that link would have to have the correct data to connect to the database of Runecape. Or a few other ways. I don't need anyone else's account but my own. I am proud for what I worked for. Oh, and I made lots of money from TT.com - more than just twenty dollars. I have spare change now, that I can go buy some nice video games.
  2. I meant, other offers don't need your address. Of course this website needs your address, to mail the checks. But they won't send you anything but checks. And why would I be advertising this website if it doesn't work? How would that benefit me? I do not own the website. And why would I advertise it, and make up a story if it doesn't send people money? Give me one good reason. I am doing this because it has helped me, and it can help you guys also. I am not urging you to join, and I do not care if you will or won't. I just wanted everyone to know that this has helped me, and it can too. Of course, that link I put redirects to TT.com with my referral. So that means that I make 20% of what you make. (It isn't subtracted from you, but added to mine.) - So you lose nothing. Of course, anyone in this same situation would put their referral. Otherwise, without the referral, it would seem it was my website and I just wanted people to join for my traffic. Anyways, thank you for the positive responses, and I appreciate how you have respected my post.
  3. Actually, about 40% of the offers do not require your address or phone number. I do not participate in the offers that ask of that. And yes, they do approve if you did them correctly. And TT.com has a great template. =\
  4. The post count means nothing TimeStopper. Because I am new here doesn't mean I am here to spam. This is an honest story, and the link is good. You people aren't very computer smart. Awardspace.com is a free host, and you can't really make auto-download viruses on them. You need an FTP, and most likely the server needs to be able to handle PHP, C++, or whatever the virus was coded in. And if you have the Firefox browser, it doesn't allow pop-ups, or autodownloads without first asking you. That is why I use Firefox. ;)
  5. How Do You Get Your Money For Runescape? A Success Story of How I Can Afford it Every Month For long I have played the free version, and after months of trying to complete everything I could, it got boring. I had the special holiday items, all the missions completed, and all the gold in the world. I felt there was nothing else to accomplish. My one friend recommended the payed version of Runescape for me, so as any other gamer would do, I considered it. Of course, my parents, being strict as they are, told me that the money had to come directly from me. To be honest, I didn't get payed for my chores, and I had no job. As time went on, I saved up around fifteen dollars, but it was to tempting to spend this money on something else than Runescape, and only a few months wouldn't last very long. The time was getting close for me to make a decision. My friend told me about something called a GPT program. This stands for "Get paid to". As I researched it, it is programs where they pay you to complete surveys and other offers. I thought it was a fraud, so I disregarded it quickly. I went to my friend's house later on and he showed me the exciting world of the paid Runescape. I expected this, as I have been looking, reading, and studying this feature. After he gave me the ground of playing, he kicked my butt off, and went to some website. I didn't really give a crap, but all of a sudden he yelped, "Yes! Another free week of Runescape!" I told him to shut his mouth and stop making me jealous, but he grabbed me by the shirt and showed me the computer screen. On the screen, it showed how much he earned from completing surveys and having referrals. He taught me about this GPT site, but I told him he would never get the check. He said he already recieved checks from the website, but I asked him, "Where are they?" He just said he cashed them in. I didn't believe him. He told me to go eat chicken crap. Two more weeks of playing free Runescape when suddenly I heard a knock on my door. My friend was screaming and jumping all around like some moron, so I slammed the door. He opened it again, and jumped on me. He had a slip of paper in his hand, which then I noticed was a check. I was in awe, and amazed. He got his parents to cash it in to the bank, and brought home his thirty dollars. This was going from something I despised to the ground breaking revolution of how I may pay for Runescape. Today, I now am a proud Runescape payed player, since my parents know that this website does indeed work. Has anyone else had similar experiences? This was easily the best decision in my gaming life. http://kefkaiiv.awardspace.com/index.html This redirects you to the website! Check it out, click the banner. If you are struggling to pay for Runescape, don't you think it is time to make the difference? Share it with everyone you know, any method of a sort. There are easier ways to get money![/url]
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