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  1. Just got 94 cooking.....only 5 levels for skill cape trimming....once I get members that is!
  2. Well, idk if this is the best method or not....but I basically bought steel bars and made plates the whole way, but for the last 37k bars, i bought ores and smelted, which took a lot longer, but i couldn't afford bars withn only 17m.....
  3. 99 SMITHING, W00T!!! I was getting on Tuesday, but I assisted some noob in alching so he smelted a rune bar, aware that i was only 12 xp away.....I was mad, but what can you do....he was a noob, and i got tricked like one, and i got 99 now, so I can't be too mad any more.... 99 SMITHING!!!
  4. I think if you redo the arms, add some detail, like muscle detail, cuz then his guy will look way better, and it will be worth the time.....it'll make it amazing!
  5. Sure, I would love it.....looks excellent so far
  6. I would prefer black g because that is what matches the trimmed smithing cape.....but if not black g, then maybe ummm......plain clothes that match the cape? Or just anything that will match it well, I will trust your judgement so you decide what you want it to be..... \
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