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  1. yes i am f2p. other wise i would be training different. but im only f2p and im not planning on paying any time soon. yes i used to not any more though
  2. hey yall. im triaining my prayer with urns. im killing lessers. i have to fill 1443 accursed urns. at 25 ashes each thats 36,075 lessers. lessers have 79 health my stats are 77 att. 71 str. 77 def. 76 constitution. and 56 prayer. so ive already planned on killing lessers the whole time to train prayer but what should i train? (not all options also get lvl 78 constitution) 1. either focus train def. and get 82 def (96 combat) 2. focus train att and get lvl 82 att (97 combat) 3. or control trian my str and get 75 str, 79 att and 79 def (98 combat) i am not going to focus train my strength. so what do y'all think??
  3. i still have all 500k if any one is interested
  4. i have 500k willow logs im selling for 20 ea. pm me in game drater_1 or post here if im not on
  5. is the strong hold of security boots f2p or p2p
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