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  1. i dont think they were last 2d :-k the lesser demon use to look more demonic before they made it look like a huge red bald human with a hunchback
  2. I wasnt trying to make a big deal of it not anymore i dont like how the Lesser Demons look now thats all i have seen the errors of my ways about the moss giants 8-)
  3. yeah thats true there trying to do better but the moss giants are suppose to be ugly i guess :? but the lessser demons looked cool before they were changed thats what i think
  4. i mean i was just walking around in the wilderness like i always do as a pker then boom i saw some moss giants i take a look at them and well...my monitar blew up how ugly they were oh and the lesser demons are also ugly they look like huge red humans with horns and a tail anyone else agree with me?
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