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  1. We pay for p2p to keep the newbs off, that would be a day where almost nobody logged onto rs...
  2. Okay can somebody lock this please? This is just out of hand, I don't care what you think its over, if you want to whine use msm.
  3. okay paid zach off too, thanks both of you
  4. 9/10, I know absolutely nothing about sigs but it looks nice :D
  5. okay paid kratt his 500k, still havent seen zach on
  6. yeah :) anyone with a name this stupid is stuck with it...
  7. Okay you are trying to tell me that you have never illegally downloaded/burned/share music, never used a student liscense of a program to make a sig, never used somebody's interpretation or school of thought without properly citing it, never made a sig inspired by someone elses work without giving them proper credit, etc. etc. etc...?
  8. Okay, how about a compromise. I'm still giving zachnash the mil, im sorry, he gets my vote and the majority of clan votes. However since most of the people on this board, and a not entirely insignificant number of clan members think that Kratt should have won, I will give him a first prize of 500k if he wants, or if he wants to try to get more for it somewhere else he is welcome to do that. As for usage I promise to make both availible for members to chose between, although I cannot promise a credit in the sig (although a small reference in the bottom corner of the sig is acceptable). I will meet both of you ingame, and after I have paid you can send me the final sig via e-mail ([email protected]), post it on this topic, or send me a private message on these forums. Btw a final vote count: Zachnash-13 Kratt-4 Fergz-2 Nadril-2 Commando-1 Metrakos-1 Two others written in, one each Final Ranking: Zach - 1st (1mil) Kratt - 2nd (500k, if he wants it) Nadril - 3rd (sorry no third place price though) Sorry guys, I'm trying...
  9. Nah im preffering zachnash because the little taste I have in art likes what he did and most votes agree edit: currently is at 12 for zach, 4 for kratt, 2 for nadril, 1 for commando (should be a few more there :(). and two others written in
  10. sorry I made the poll kind of quickly so I said to write in anybody that I forgot, you got a write-in yesterday btw
  11. You know, maybe non-sigmakers are just stupid but here's some preliminary results for you -sorry about bad cropping, I told you guys I cant do sigs lol. And as for ripping of images, give me one clan that has actually written a band before they use their song for a pk video. Is that okay?
  12. okay ill post a poll on clan forums
  13. thats a lot better, I still like the 'ripped' sigs better but I'll put that one with nadrils
  14. That was a bit uncalled for, just because it doesn't live up to his abstracts doesnt mean it is bad. Besides, wait till you see me try to draw :).
  15. rofl you are getting to be a pretty tough act to beat
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