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  1. I am so glad i havent endured the worst of it all... but still i think its really unfair how they treat some people. I think the policy there seems to be ban first ask questions later. Some of us have used our accounts for immeasurable amounts of time and they should look at the situation better before banning. Again, im so glad i have a clean account even with my record....
  2. I got 2 messages in all... first one saying i had committed an offence... then one saying the statud of your account has been changed. Both said to check the appeal an offence section but when i looked it had congratulations no offences commited, i had a green flag and it said above you have been muted for 2 more days by a moderator. It all fine now but i never knew what the offence was... i wrote to jagex and got no reply.
  3. my account got taken over by some person and i got perm banned for website advertising. I appealed the decision saying that i wasnt in control of my account. They locked my account and i recovered it. Not to long ago some player mod temp muted for something i cant figure out. IT had nothing in the offences section and i got no black marks for it. But i was still muted! How can ytou appeal against unfair temp mutes?
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