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  1. As far as combat goes, I used to have a pretty decent setup. Standard whip, guthans, veracs, some torags, the standard dragon pieces, and other assorted equipment. I have about 34m at my disposal, I don't know what that would by me weapons/armor wise that I really needed.
  2. Hey all, I recently bought an RS membership card and decided to take a look at the game again to alleviate some of the summer boredom. I haven't played since before the big combat change. I hopped on the other day and went through the combat tutorial to get a grasp on the new combat system. Once I completed the tutorial, I had no clue where to start. Before I took my long hiatus I was working on leveling my slayer. Now I have no clue where to start for quests, skills, etc. I have a few questions regarding this. 1) Before I left I knew the optimal setup for my character's level and slayer tasks. Now I'm without a clue. What should I be wearing in combat for each aspect of combat? 2) What are some essential quests that I should complete? 3) I don't know what to start leveling skill-wise. Just taking a look at my skills, what should I absolutely be leveling? 4) What other general information should I be informed of? Sorry for such an open-ended post. I just don't know where to start. Thanks
  3. I've only died once since I've come back. I just happened to have full Guthans on going down into the Dorgeshuun/Lumbridge mines. I forgot to have a covered light source. I went in with a candle and the rest is history. I tried to run back but I had the default gravestone at the time because I had just come back. On top of that, I had an Ecto teleport that I failed to realize. I just bought the items I lost(around 2m worth) and went to bed. I wasn't happy but I kept reminding myself it was just a game. I agree that the game is just pixels. So is homework, but it's also a GAME. I see no reason to get upset about it. I would feel upset if I lost money or a report paper because it's real life. You need money to get buy and that report paper for good grades which leads to a successful career. They're clearly not the same.
  4. Skill capes. It makes getting 99 in a skill more worth it. Without fancy skill capes you would just have some numbers on the high score list. They don't really mean anything either. There's nothing at 99 you can't do around 85(with most skills). They made people work harder for the 99's and is a way of rewarding them more.
  5. Perhaps I should have made myself clearer. Nobodies fault but my own. I'm looking for non-combat skills, non-gathering, that I could get 99 with efficiently. I simply have 15m to burn, that makes things easier. For instance: Having money to buy more yews and bowstrings would make 99 fletching go by easier. I could buy all of the logs for 99 firemaking without a problem. Are there any other skills that I could buy 15m worth of items for to get 99 in?
  6. I've got about 15m lying around the bank. I've decided to get as many level 99 skills with it. I know it won't buy me much, but at least 1 99 is more than I currently have. I've seen a guide that says I can get 99 slayer with 2m(which isn't bad imo.) I could always get cooking in fletching. Do those in mass amounts. Are there any other skills that I'm missing(besides fletching & cooking) that could possibly get me an easy 99 skill with 15m? Ideas would be great since I just came back, I'm still learning about the new additions, etc.
  7. I enjoy killing Fire Giants. I get them quite often and they never fail to impress. Even though they hit slightly hard(on me at least) they've got quite a few hp and their drops aren't terrible. Rune scimmy, parts of keys, fire runes, and ranarrs are among the most profitable. I go to Baxatorian Falls and with Guthans I'm able to stay there indefinitely.
  8. I would have to say that I know a considerable amount about the economy just from reading guides here and there and a few history classes. I currently have a Santa Hat that I bought about 2 years ago for 22m. About everything I read said that it would be a wise investment. My thinking was that rares would be destined to go up in price. Not the case. When I come back they're 14m. An 8m difference from when I bought it. I've held on to it for about 3 weeks hoping for prices to rebound but it's not looking like they will. I'm looking at the GE 30 day history. With that I can somewhat accurately predict the future. The past shows that it is going down in [bleep]es. From what I can see it just came down from a [bleep]e which means that there will be a [bleep]e soon. When I see the [bleep]e starting to form, should I sell it? Or should I ignore history and just get out now? There's only one more option and that involves keeping it even though it will go down more. Will it eventually make its way back up to 22m? Help on this would be great. It's tough having that much money wrapped up in one item that's slowly losing money. I'm a tad bit worried. Help would be great. Thank you!
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