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  1. As quoted in British gaming firm takes on the world By Mark Ward "Dedicated fans need not worry though as, said Mr Iddison, Runescape will be the main investment focus for Jagex for the next five years. " ______________________________________________ My question: He says that RS will be upheld for at least five years? At the rate they're messing the game up, I dont think theyll have more than a few thousand at that point. ______________________________________________ -the games focus is shifting from older people to young kids, even though the ESRB rated it 13+ -duel arena updates killed staking, what are they gonna make minimum drop in the wilderness full bronze so kids dont cry? -macros are filling up the game obviously. Jagex is TAKING THE WRONG APPROACH TO KILLING THEM!!!!!!!! -they combat macros by doing things that effect all players not just computers. i.e. duel arena update. I will add more.
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