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  1. I am making this thread for fun, post and tell your amazing story about forgotting ur st00f! -Hammer at bandos -Spade at barrows -30gp when going to karamja -Glory charges when runecrafting -Teletabs Any others suggest! GOING FOR 1K PPL PL0X Thanks :D Don't flame saying [bleep]ing idiot you forgot spare? or don't say its boring or its pointless etc...
  3. Hi, i'm 13 i've been skaing for 1.5 years, if you skate please answer to me, i land 360flips and hardflips 4 stairs, is that good for my age/time i've been skating? Also, any tips for high kickflips, ollie off 8+ stair sets and kickflips off stairsets? ty gl to everyone on skateboarding.
  4. Current investments: I'll classificate my investments like this: CLASS= C SPEED=S Class 1: Slow rise [safe] Class 2: Normal rise [Normal] Class 3: Hardcore rise (4-5%) [Risky] Speed 1: Long term merchanting 5+ days Speed 2: Regular term merchanting (3-5 days) Speed 3: Fast term merchanting (1-3 Days) Old: Dragon axes Recomended price to buy: MAX C2+S3 Santa hats Recomended price to buy: MAX NO DOUBT, HOPE YOU GET LUCKY! C3+S2 Dharok sets Recomended price to buy: Mid + 50k C2+S2 Current: NONE
  5. Hi, unlike the other merchant guides, wich involves clan merchanting and price manipulating, this guide is easy to understand and it has an unique method, wich can make you get 25% of your current money during a week, I'm level 117, i'm hacked atm :/ LOL, And i have made 300M+ from merchanting, wich a 70-80% of it its about solo merchanting, D: Pay attention: [hide=Requirements]A good amount of cash, 10m works. Basic knowledge about merchanting Patience[/hide] [hide=How does Clan merchanting works]Merchant clans do manipulate the item prices buying for high prices, so the market get out of stock and people will start buying for high prices (over mid), on the next grand exchange update the item price will raise, People on the clan will keep the item, while other people keep buying for max (that will make the item raise) After a few days the people in the clan will sell the item to the grand exchange... Were big amounts of item sell and will make the item price go down. TERMS: Crash: Item crashes after it's merchanted, price goes down. Dump: When you sell items to the grand exchange after merchanting them Steps for a sucefull clan merchant: 1- Buyout 2- First raise 3- No stock 4- Second raise 5- (Some times, Stock for high prices) 6- Third raise 7- Fourth raise or dumping. 8- Item crash[/hide] [hide=What is this about]This method involves using merchanting clan's merchanting items on the third Step, items already didn't fail and your gonna make money off them.[/hide] [hide=How to do it (Part 1)]Go on to the Grand exchange data dabe and check for rises. Start checking for rises, Don't pick the 6-100% rise ones they don't work at all, FAIL FAIL FAIL! BIG FAIL A good idea: Blue underline: Perfect item to buy. [Wait, don't buy it yet.] Green underline:Decent item to buy. Red underline: Not that good item to buy, thought there are some chances that work. Black underline: Doesen't work at all. Tips for items to buy: - Perfect item should go from 80k to 2M - Items under 1k Are hard to Buy out and hard to sell. - Items over 5M don't rise that fast. - If an item crashes it will go up in a while no doubt.[/hide] This is the first step, To Make this sucefully check the charts, look here: [hide=How to do it (Step 2)]Once you pick an item, Click on it to check the chart. This is a good idea. Please follow this charts to check wich is a good "historial" to buy this item. Don't buy this item: (bad) Maybe buy this item: (Normal) Buy this item: (Good) [/hide] [hide=How to do it (Step 3)]Check the forums, count the amount of buyers and sellers, The highest amount of buyers, the item will work better.[/hide] [hide=Time to buy the item]If your item went up a 2-5 Percent, If the chart is "GOOD" or "NORMAL", and there's good amount of buyer offers in the forums it's time to buy. Buying the item First attempt: 2k Over mid at G.E. Second: 10k Over mid at G.e Third: 1% Over mid, then 2,3,4. Fourth: MAX PRICE! THIS ITEM IS GONNA ROCKET![/hide] We haven't finished yet !!! [hide=Risk factors and dumping]Dumping an item after the second update: Try selling for 5k Under max, Then 10k, then 1%. (This is for items worth 500k-1m. Lower the range for lower priced items. Dumping the item after the third update: Sell for mid - 1k Dumping after crash: If the item crashes, sell for "X" Percent under mid - 2gp X = Percent of last price update of that item. Risk factors: If an item goes up 4-5%, When it crashes it will drop hard as the rise and it will be harder to sell than what you bought for. 1-3% Rises are always the safest ones. Items that rise for 10+ Days straight 4-5% , will drop for a bigger amount of time once they crash. Sell at time. Items that raise 4-5% for 30+ Days will become junk or junk traded items for a big period of time, not much bigger than the time they went up. EG: Animal masks, elite, dragon hai, dragon full helm, Dragon platebody. Nothing more, Just renember to dump your items at time.[/hide] Thanks, for reading, If you'd like to ask me anything add me ingame, "Pipeelbakan", wish you all good luck merchanting, Thanks.
  6. I MAHATMA I! I love you since 3 years ago i thought you were the best pker, D: you own and add me please i luv you, I always looked on youtube for 7th vid wich never came out. ADD ME! PLEASE PIPEELBAKAN PIPEELBAKAN PIPEELBAKAN PIPEELBAKAN PIPEELBAKAN
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