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  1. Ugh, nevermind. I was using a trowel...not a gardening trowel...as if there's really a difference. #-o :roll: Sorry about that...but thanks for your help anyway. :oops: :XD:
  2. Yep. I'm level 27 farming, which is the level you need to plant apple trees. When I leveled, it even said "you can now plant apple trees." The pot is filled with dirt. When I examine it, it says "A plant pot filled with soil." I have a trowel in my inventory. I used the seed on the pot. It says "You need a gardening trowel to do that." But...I have a trowel.
  3. All right, maybe I'm just an idiot, which is entirely possible...but how in the world do you plant a tree seed in a plant pot? I've tried using the seed on the pot, using the pot on the seed, using the trowel on the seed, using the trowel on the pot, using the seed on the trowel... The only thing it says is "Nothing interesting happens." or "You need a gardening trowel to do that.", even when I have the trowel in my inventory. I've got apple tree seeds, a gardening trowel, a plant pot filled with dirt, compost, a spade, a rake, a seed dibbler, full watering cans, and secateurs all in my inventory. Somehow, for some reason, I can't figure out how to get the seed to plant in the pot. Any help would be appreciated. :wall:
  4. Ah, awesome. Thanks for the fast reply. That would make sense...my thieving is only 32...so I haven't been able to pickpocket master farmers yet. Thanks again.
  5. ...where in the world do you get these from? I searched the beastiary and didn't find any monsters that drop them. I also couldn't find any help from the farming or herblore guides. Stealing from stalls apparently only gives hops, flower, and allotment seeds...or at least that's all I've gotten so far.
  6. Yeah, on the price guide here it says green masks sell in the upper 20m. I was offered 28m about three weeks ago, but declined because I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell it. Apparently they're only selling for about 21m-23m now.
  7. Awesome, thank you much. And thanks for the quick reply too...much appreciated.
  8. All right...this is probably going to be an extremely stupid question...but after searching these forums, the RS forums, and then browsing both for about two hours, I couldn't find my answer. I'm an old RSC player and I recently picked up my old account from years ago (I had played RS2 a few times) and started playing again. I had a green halloween mask...which I am now selling. Anyway, one of the offers I got involved a whip. I know what they are...and I know they do pretty insane damage. I'm P2P now...but...what are the requirements for wielding one? I only have 50 att and 45 str...but nothing I found anywhere says anything about being a certain level to wield one. Thanks in advance.
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