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  1. sry, i posted on wrong board before i noticed some of you (zorro, adx1, llama0) still patroll these forums, lol nce to see you guys =D> also see some old enemies i remember, lol euguene ru..lord vid? sounds pretty familiar but i remember killing you once or so, lol hm,well i was looking thru my old photobucket and came across tons of pictures, so i decided to just look thru tip.it if some remember me and which surprises me finding out some actually do. so yeah i thought some may wanna see what the old rs looked like so i thought i would show you guys some pics i have tons of pics before i reformated, but heres what i have left from my 4 years of playing runescape classic :P lovinkarol NIGHTHALK RUNS FROM DM NIGHTHALK RUNS FROM DM MAX333 DEAD ! SUE ME best pker in runescape, period (adx1 also) swifty mcvay i have deleted alot just so i can have room to upload other pics on photobucket..but yeah heres whats left of it lol i'm way too lazy to caption all, but hey memories. pictures pretty much describe themselves, some war pics, lots of 3 hits lol :P hi to every1 that remembers me and hi to every1 that was once in my userlist :thumbsup: Mod edit: Changed the topic title so itd warn people for the junkload of pictures.
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