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  1. Don't ask. They are making me write a paper on how evil the world is; quite literally. Not denying that it's evil, but that just seems to be ignoring it. Isn't a better idea to try to root out the evil? Or to attempt and block it out?
  2. Sorry I couldnt come Shahdie-with-a-tail..I had to work :( But CONGRATULATIONS ANYWAY!!! \
  3. How do I find out how many watts it gives, and your image doesn't work.
  4. I'm a virgin when it comes to manually upgrading computers. So can someone tell me what a PCI-E slot looks like? I'll take my computer apart and check it out if someone can give me a decent explanation of what one looks like. A pic would be nice too.
  5. I don't really play rs anymore, so I would be using this card for better gaming. I feel left out in the way of gaming. I have pitiful CoD 1 and that hardly runs on this gfx card, so I really need an upgrade.
  6. Most of them look good, I'll only ever run a 1024 x 768, its just the right size for me, So i might go with the Nvidia one. Keep bring suggestions if you have any. Also, if someone could give me a heads up on installing one?
  7. $50-$150 I think. I can go a bit more, but that would be my preferred range to stay in.
  8. Hi, I'm looking to buy a new Graphics card, and am wondering what would be a decent one to get? I'd like Nvidia, I've heard good things about them, but any others are up for consideration. Thanks for the help, Peter
  9. Looks nice. hairstyles from Kudos Island area? P.S. First post ftw!
  10. Hai saroo! Its yer buddeh peter :P Well, im takin a break from rs, and I know you loved talkin to me (lol) so i'm telling you. If you ever want to talk : [email protected] (my msn)
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