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  1. 2017/2018 UPDATE Hello whoever stumbles across this. If you're like me, you've been stumbling around the internet looking for the valuable information that has been posted in this thread. Sadly, the compiled information is mostly out of date or way too complicated for a newbie like me to decimate. Allow me to show a simple way to pull regularly updated GE prices from Tip.it into your Google Sheets doc. 1) Find an item you want on Tip.it's item pages, and copy the website URL. Here's an example https://www.tip.it/runescape/items/view/1878-nature-rune 2) In your Google Sheets doc, click on the cell and input then hit enter: =IMPORTHTML("https://www.tip.it/runescape/items/view/1878-nature-rune","table", 3) [Note: The quotation marks are necessary, you will get errors if you don't use them.] It should look like this 3) Now all you have to do is use that same code in each cell you want a new item, just replace the URL That's it! This will update every day or so on it's own. It doesn't look like much but with a little formatting you can make it look good, like this:
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