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  1. Massage Therapist (which is currently paying for my school)




    The ladies like ... :D


    Wish I had your job. I really enjoy giving my lady friends massages, but I wish I could get more experience and proper technique because, as you said... the ladies like :thumbsup:






    Oh, its well worth it. Its not exhausting, normal hours, and its in demand. (Blame it on the recession?)


    Also, its very rewarding, you know, helping others out. The ladies thing is a perk ;)

  2. Haven't Mexico been doing pretty awful lately. Also they won the U-18 world cup in 2005 and that generation hasn't developed too well yet.




    They have been sub-par lately within the past 4 or 5 matches. Yes, they have been developing well, they are just not as good as the more veteran players (obviously, as international experience at a high level is a factor.)




    I'm not too concerned, as much as it frowned upon to say this a reason, they have been having internal problems with coaches (in which they have had 3 within a year and a half.)

  3. Spain and Mexico.




    Mexico is also getting better with each passing year because of new talent. (which have u-20 and other youth cups). Albeit, Mexico hasn't been strutting its stuff lately.




    Spain. Nuff Said.




    *Reply to another previous post about Mexico, they aren't eliminated, they're just walking a very fine line. They should be fine though ;)

  4. Err no. Nothing is 'nooby' it's just what people call things they think are worse than them.


    amen. =D>




    In my opinion, its superb armor. I use torag's body with dragon legs instead of the full set to conserve money while i save up for something else. Maybe you can also?




    s-CRY-ed (anyone ever watch that?)





    Dude, that was one of the most fun animes I ever watched.




    I used to go around punching my friends saying KAZUMA SHELL BULLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Good times. :thumbsup:




    Finally, someone else who watched it!


    It had an excellent story and narrative!


    purfish, i think we can get along. :lol:

  6. iCried at Clannad :(




    ranma (no on remembers that one)


    That's the gender bender one right? I dunno how I feel about those :\ Though I'm watching Maria Holic haha. I suppose crossdressing is not much better :P





    yeah, its the one where the guy is transformed into a girl by contact with cold water and changed back with hot.


    (Awkward premise and very old i'll admit) but i watched the butchered spanish-translated version in mexico, since i never saw it state-side, and eventually bought it in a DVD set.




    anyone ever watched s-CRY-ed?

  7. A noob is a [developmentally delayed] person.




    If you call someone a noob then you automatically ARE a noob for using such a stupid phrase -.-




    I was walking into Varrok. I got called a noob. WTH? People seriously overuse this word and I despise the use of it.




    Thats what i was getting to, it personally didn't make me logg off and cry, it just made me think, i was like "Hey, I haven't noticed it on the forums, let's discuss this"






    :lol: i loved that strip, very true.

  8. I wasn't necessarily offended by it, i laughed at the fact that i was called one, because the player was a lower level.




    It has been miscontrued very much.




    Just felt like posting an open discussion on how you would use it and how you feel towards it




    (It's my first topic post, and it ain't looking pretty :lol: )

  9. Noob = Anyone with lower levels then you.


    No Life = Anyone with higher levels then you.




    As far as I see in RS, that seems to be the general consensus. Also, like compfreak said, ignore list is bliss.




    :lol: Yes. I saw that on someone's signature somewhere around the forums. That IS a general consensus




    And yes, it is bliss.

  10. *This may or may not have been a prior topic discussion. I rummaged the forums for a bit and found nothing.




    Now, on to the discussion.




    Yes, the infamous words that we have been blasted with at least once in our RuneScape careers. This hadn't bothered me until a few days ago. This is me saying this after playing for 6 years, although my stats don't show it. (Socializing, Mini-games, Real life, 2 Retirements and an extremely low attention span :lol: )




    Why? You ask? Well, if you would like to take a look at my in-game stats, they aren't HORRIBLE. Its not so much that i was called this, but what makes me think is, what is a noob? The term is thrown around too much, especially thrown in situations that don't necessarily pertain to me having no skills.






    I was training fishing, one of my higher stats level-wise. And i fish lobsters for faster experience than gambling with a harpoon and being filled with mostly tuna. I get called a "noob", simply because i'm fishing lobbies.




    Noob = Newb = New person correct?




    Yes, it can be also be used to describe a person who simply doesn't know something in-game, but can you blame them? They are insulted, or at least intended to be insulted, and shooed away. But is it not human to not know something? Is it not human to ask questions? Simply because someone asks you where Keldagrim is doesn't mean you should laugh and say "Get away n00b".




    Now, i understand it being used interjectionally with describing immature players or ones just being obnoxious and/or stupid. Especially recently with the unblocking of the words "[wagon]", "damn" and so on... and then being reported by younger players even when using it in a non-offensive manner (but that's a rant for another topic.)




    Also, it can be used to all those low-level annoying players begging for "phr33 money pl0x" and slamming you with trade requests, just so they can level easily.. (yet another rant for another topic.)




    So quintessentially, by examples used, its used to describe someone annoying and/or young.




    This deviates from the definition.




    So, who in their right mind use it to describe a near-70 fisher catching lobs? I don't misuse the word "[wagon]" and laugh like a little schoolgirl afterwards being i said a "bad" word. And i have my occasional questions about the game, be it the best spots for training skills or where an NPC is.




    But this wouldn't be a discussion topic if I just kept going on with this, the questions are:




    What IS a "n00b" in your opinion?


    And is this term used stupidly and way too often?

  11. heres a paradox: women




    and yes, they're "interesting"




    (and not, its not sexist)








    Dont worry about sounding sexist, someone had to think of that eventually.




    ::sigh of relief:: theres less intelligent people around :?




    yeah. biggest paradox ever.

  12. I appreciate the article on rock care. It has inspired to, possibly, let my labrador go. I'm actually contemplating making a trip to Relleka and asking for a new one. :)




    As for the main article... i actually never knew about Jas, or the on-going debate of the Gods. Just makes the storyline a lot more interesting.


    Thanks, Psycho_Robot! (in all sincerety)

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