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  1. Wish I had your job. I really enjoy giving my lady friends massages, but I wish I could get more experience and proper technique because, as you said... the ladies like :thumbsup: Oh, its well worth it. Its not exhausting, normal hours, and its in demand. (Blame it on the recession?) Also, its very rewarding, you know, helping others out. The ladies thing is a perk ;)
  2. Massage Therapist (which is currently paying for my school) The ladies like ... :D
  3. They have been sub-par lately within the past 4 or 5 matches. Yes, they have been developing well, they are just not as good as the more veteran players (obviously, as international experience at a high level is a factor.) I'm not too concerned, as much as it frowned upon to say this a reason, they have been having internal problems with coaches (in which they have had 3 within a year and a half.)
  4. Spain and Mexico. Mexico is also getting better with each passing year because of new talent. (which have u-20 and other youth cups). Albeit, Mexico hasn't been strutting its stuff lately. Spain. Nuff Said. *Reply to another previous post about Mexico, they aren't eliminated, they're just walking a very fine line. They should be fine though ;)
  5. amen. =D> In my opinion, its superb armor. I use torag's body with dragon legs instead of the full set to conserve money while i save up for something else. Maybe you can also?
  6. Thanks Cor for the fight and being a Tip.Iter in my first war ever. Don't know much about wars, but i know we put up a good fight! =D>
  7. dtownboy

    Smash Club.

    got that a little late, sorry. my code's on the siggy.
  8. dtownboy

    Smash Club.

    basilisks are getting boring, anyone down for a game?
  9. dtownboy

    Smash Club.

    Friend Code:1633-9644-2679 Timezone/location:Central Time (USA) Availability:Whenever
  10. whities are for pre-pubescent teenagers =P is the term "panties" really only used in the states? boxers, to let the boys free to breathe (without being too explicit, it allows easy access in more than one way ;) )
  11. :thumbsup: =D> I support it. Awesome job, nuff said.
  12. Dude, that was one of the most fun animes I ever watched. I used to go around punching my friends saying KAZUMA SHELL BULLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good times. :thumbsup: Finally, someone else who watched it! It had an excellent story and narrative! purfish, i think we can get along. :lol:
  13. That's the gender bender one right? I dunno how I feel about those :\ Though I'm watching Maria Holic haha. I suppose crossdressing is not much better :P yeah, its the one where the guy is transformed into a girl by contact with cold water and changed back with hot. (Awkward premise and very old i'll admit) but i watched the butchered spanish-translated version in mexico, since i never saw it state-side, and eventually bought it in a DVD set. anyone ever watched s-CRY-ed?
  14. Thats what i was getting to, it personally didn't make me logg off and cry, it just made me think, i was like "Hey, I haven't noticed it on the forums, let's discuss this" J3su5... :lol: i loved that strip, very true.
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