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    I like to play sports like football, wrestling and track. im a realy hard worker specialy when helping my dad outside in the yard

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  1. Added the seedings to the first post.
  2. Q1:What is something you write down to remember? A:phone number Q2:What is something you hear on the radio besides music? A:talk show Q3:Why might a taxi driver say he had a bad day? A:his boss Q4:What is something you're likely to forget in your car? A:suitcase Q5:Name an item you would find in a 3-day survival kit. A:bandaids Q6:What is something you may find on top of a mountain? A:clouds Q7:What is something you would hate to find in the food your eating? A:hair
  3. Actually there was a video on youtube from some famous director that showed people how to get like 10k vials and 10k water filled vials and 10k eye of newts in less than 8 minutes for a profit of 1196k he had 20k views when i saw it The actual numbers are just guesses of what i saw i cant remem the link to the video
  4. Well i was just bored and decided to go to bounty hunter worlds to just pk some people and then this guy comes and asks for a DM so i agree. Well seeing as im a horrible pker i just ran when i ran out of food and he complains saying that it was a dm and to comeback here. He was standing in the wildy with no protect on and i was in safe zone and some ranger hits a 16 on him and then he jumps the border thing and then when makes it to the other side he gets hit a 7 and dies. Well how lucky do i get that i hit like 100 hits on him so i got the drop and here is a pic.
  5. mustangs407


    I wrestle this is my 3rd year of wrestling last year(I started wrestling in 7th grade winning the district champion my 1st year also) I won 1st in 6 tournaments and 1 3rd place in a another tourney, I was weighing 134 pounds wrestling 140 Lbs. and my record was 27-3. This year I'm currently weighing 152 lbs. and trying to go down to 145 and this is my freshman year at high school also.
  6. My school used to do that. Then when kids started zip-tying the bags closed and hanging them from the ceiling the school started handing out referrals for doing it. That was happening in my school until they started doing it to the nerdy kids, who complained and led to it being a suspendable offense. Then it went to hornets (tight wads of paper slingshotted via rubberband, hurts) which led to rubberbands getting banned. Then it was smoking smarties (shows how mornic they are, pretend to smoke crushed smarties). Other then that its been mostly epic fail (one of our teachers says it often), thats what she said, etc. Though some kids in my class (ex. 1, ugozima [whose in my classes]) use stuff like "what is this i dont even", "the game", and sometimes I mock the nerdiest kid in the class by saying " i herd u liek mudkipz". He keeps on thinking mudkipz stands for something else... Shoot do you happen to go to the same school as me Cause i remember when i was in 7th grade Everyone was smoking smarties even i did it . Then after 8th grade started it just died eventualy and at the end o f6th grade some guys would be like you wanna start something and than the other one start playing pattycake with him
  7. What the heck Earth is already messed up with pollution and Global warming. Now they want to mess up one of the few sources of natural light we have at nigh. And what if something does go wrong and the moon ends up crashing into are planet. I mean what are the chances that happens but still what if that happened?
  8. Thanks to you guys for letting me read this. Today during Literature my teacher was talking about mythology and said who is the god of war? My answer......Bandos Real answer:Zues
  9. Just started high school as a freshman still 14 these are my new maxes: Weight:149 Height:5'6 Body fat:11.3% Birthday:11-23-94 Bench press:205 Squat:275 Power clean:160 Inline bench:170 40M:5.09 Got to work on my 40 haven't ran in a while though but i can get at least a 4.9 I have one of the best power indexes for true freshmens in my high school Power index:4.26 Im hoping by the end of freshman year i can pass 4.6 And by senoir year im 5.3
  10. I had a pizza a plum and a choco milk for lunch
  11. chad has just join gop. and how do I know how much money i make?
  12. so i can do what ever i want even though i have no idea what chad has in it
  13. So now that i have chad what do I do now?
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