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  1. I with you on the gay pride march thing, I'm gay, but find the whole gay pride march rather over the top. Half-naked (well more than half!) men trawling up and down the street, lots of pink and feather boas... its just too extreme. There's a difference between being proud and shouting it from the rooftops.
  2. I read an interesting article about why Science and Religion conflict... http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/indepth/39951 It essentially rests on how you perceive science (either as a process or as a set of beliefs) and similarly how you perceive religion with the same criteria (process or belief set). And depending on how you see them, you will find them to conflict or coexist.
  3. My fault for saying that prayer to God(s) wouldn't fix global warming....
  4. You're wrong, the cycles you're talking about are Milakovic cycles and are completely to do with Earth's rotational dynamics and have nothing to do with CO2 levels. Just the earth wobbling around in space, getting slightly closer and then slightly further from the sun, completely independent of CO2 levels.
  5. That's absolute rubbish, low level ozone never makes it into the upper atmosphere, thus it will never help to replenish the ozone layer. It is in fact responsible for aggravating respiratory diseases/conditions. Yes global warming is part of a natural cycle, but you're missing the point!!! Natural global warming happens on a cycle of hundreds of thousands to millions of years, and the resulting climate change is a gradual process, giving most life a chance to adapt. Right now, humans are exponentially adding CO2 to the atmosphere and pressing the fast forward button on the system, some species are already struggling to adapt, amphibians as a group, as well as mammals... a hotter climate favours reptilian and insect life... and we're mammals :ugeek:
  6. Erm a meteor wouldn't exactly curb global warming : Some Physics: CO2 whilst being a small percentage of the atmosphere, is a well mixed gas. This means you can find it permeating the whole atmosphere, unlike for example Ozone which is found almost only in a layer at the top of the atmosphere. And just because its a small percentage, it doesn't mean it produces a small effect. Everything adds up. A flask of CO2 absorbs more infra-red light (heat) which is then re-released to the surroundings than a flask of ordinary air would. Its not just CO2 that contributes, Methane is highly warming, and water vapour is also a very powerful greenhouse gas. Take for example one day, the extra amount of heat absorbed by the extra CO2 will be tiny, but not enough will escape into space at night (when the half the earth faces away from the sun) before the next day arrives, so a slightly warmer atmosphere then absorbs slightly more heat, adding and adding, more warming then creates more evaporation, adding to the effect. Rain would normally wash CO2 out of the atmosphere given enough time, but we aren't allowing enough time for that to happen.
  7. If mankind is going to survive we have to at least TRY! This is my point, for example, Global Warming is a major issue and we all need to try to do our best to curb our energy use. No amount of praying will get rid of global warming, we have to do it ourselves.
  8. Eh, we humans suck. I'll keep my faith out of humanity. We humans are capable of both fantastic achievements and co-operation: space exploration since the fall of the USSR being a good example, CERN and other international collaborative projects, but we are also capable of very very low actions: torture, murder, war, genocide etc. Perhaps if we had more faith in ourselves to better the world in which we live in we could shift the balance further to the good things.
  9. Leave Hugh alone, he's yummy, and should be in the things that you love thread :P
  10. ROFL, not intentionally! But I can see the similarity :lol: I don't believe in god(s) anyway.
  11. What if all the Gods in the respective world religions are real, and recruiting our souls after death to fight out a bitter eternal war in the afterlife against one another.... Its better to be an atheist :lol:
  12. Cheddar cheese and raspberry jam sandwiches! : (seriously, just try them)
  13. In fact the vast majority are NOT "out of the norm attention seekers" and its that very reason why you seem surprised to discover that your teacher is a lesbian. Its the "flaming queen" minority that give the negative stereotype for the rest of us. It is similar to the way you seem to always see "gun-toting gangster" black music artists perpetuating negative stereotypes of black people, when I know full well that the vast majority of black people are not gun-toting gangsters. The ones in a group that are most prominent give you a false impression of the group as a whole.
  14. I did it with 61 agility and potions Make sure you take plenty of prayer potions and a holy wrench, you can do it without food, I did. Also a one click tp is NECESSARY!!
  15. I see I've been merged, I spose its the right course of action :lol:
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