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  1. Running in regionals tomorrow, hurdles. 300s and 110s. probably won't make it to sectionals in either of them, maybe 110s. Would have to PR by like 3 seconds in 300s to make it, and half a second in 110s. Best times so far this season are 45.5 for 300s, and 17.5 for 110s :P
  2. Hurdling for track. 3-stepped for the first time Thursday, and it was awesome. It was a relays meet, and our Shuttle Hurdle team ended up placing second. We were in the lead, but our last member wasn't the best, and the other teams final guy was running in the 15s... so yeah. Got my first medal though :)
  3. Tahvo

    Starcraft 2

    Day[9] and Chill casting TSL3 in an hour. Pumped.
  4. Tahvo

    Starcraft 2

    Just practice, If you need help with builds or counters, go to teamliquid.net. It's an amazing starcraft community
  5. Tahvo

    Starcraft 2

    Got promoted to diamond. Feels good man. almost 3k points aswell. EDIT: GOGOGO HUK RO8 GSL. hHs games are Monday I believe.
  6. Have always been a packers fan, since I've lived in the midwest, wisconsin mainly. As Range stated, I'm a Packers fan, not a favre fan. I can say that once he went to the vikings i did kinda think, "WTF is he doing..." since he played for the packers so long and then went to the vikings. BTW i'm not a gigantic football fan either, but i do watch games when there's nothing to do. Living in wisconsin, it's hard NOT to, because everywhere you look, the packers are on TV.
  7. Couple good points. The green dragon thing is a reason I don't want the old wildy to come back. Praying on players who aren't geared to fight other players, who don't want to fight other players, shouldn't have to fight other players. Green dragons being in the wild doesn't mean they want to fight other players, it means they want to make some money without going into the CT. And I'm in the wild slaying green dragons because I want fast cash, not have to wait for someone lower leveled to kill the dragons I want to kill. The wild is SUPPOSED to be dangerous, if you want the riches that await in the wilderness, be prepared to fight for them. If not, stay out. Simple. All are in the wild because they have such great benefits. If you want access to them, you have to take some risk. If you're too scared, stay away Also, as someone who did TONS of green dragons slaying, abyss rcing, and treasure trails in the wilderness with 3 items, anyone who dies is either not paying enough attention or isn't too bright THIS PERSON READ MY MIND. The agility course, TTrails, and green dragons are in the wilderness BECAUSE it's dangerous. You want to be able to make tons of fast cash on green dragons, without any risk. Why do you think they were put in the wilderness in the first place? If they were meant to be killed without risk of Pking, they wouldn't be in the wilderness.
  8. I hear nets are cheap... or if they do barbarian skills they can catch sharks barehanded without any tools or bait... But why fish your own food when you can pk for it faster and have a nice little rush while doing it?
  9. I got an awesome mouse (Razer Deathadder, Great for SC2, heh) an office chair since I've been using a kitchen chair to sit on for my computer, 3 12 packs of dr pepper from my little sister, a couple gift cards, an awesome SC2 shirt, pajama pants, and I also got my high school letter jacket.
  10. Tahvo

    Starcraft 2

    I signed up for the heat gaming New Year's open tourney, and it has players like EGincontrol and EGmachine in it. I hope i don't get paired up against a pro first round. Then again, it would be so cool to play a pro game. heh.
  11. Tahvo

    Starcraft 2

    Just got promoted to gold again :). also just got the immortal portrait, so I think tonight was a successful night!
  12. I 101%'ed DK64. Got to "the Guy" on IWBTG, but then lost interest suddenly. Beat kaizo mario 1 and 2, heh.
  13. Tahvo

    Starcraft 2

    Yeah I saw that video too, actually I was listening to it while browsing Tif lol. As much as people say husky is a horrible caster I love him.
  14. Tahvo

    Starcraft 2

    I finally started playing the campaign and did all the missions up for supernova, and damn that mission is hard. I walk into the base with like 3 thors, buncha goliaths, probably 10 banshees, couple of science vessels and just get TROUNCED.
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