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  1. Thinks it would be much easier to have a 4 digit pin like a bank pin that you could use instead of or as well as recovery questions, some times i can't even remeber what I had for breakfast let alone a 10 digit alpha-numeriric. but support in theory
  2. I was 12 y/o at the time. Why would I drink :P if you were any thing like the kids in my school, special brew.
  3. >the ... gravestones, which, don't get me wrong, is a life saver for many people. Pun intended?
  4. > Usually i watch a movie while i train a skill. Ironically half the time i don't actually watch the movie. this Also, I'm a pretty avid smither and generally have a ton of ores banked, so when I find a new player I'll generally smith them full iron/steel sets as a leg up, then make them mith/addy armours/weapons if they bring me the coal (hey nothing is for free=) Some times I think hey thats 5k worth of steel bars, down the drain but seeing newbs that you helped out come back as fully fledged players (some of the time with better stats than me) makes me smile
  5. Or rune essence mining, but avoid mining anything else...
  6. Tan hides, do green dragons, then magically get 70 range to do aviansies. Does not a guide make. Maybe, suggesting that a player might try Chaos Druids for herb drops (giving about 150k per hour) or killing Yaks for Hides (about 200k per hour) is a much better idea for low level members,
  7. haha oh wow, "I buy my logs and then i burn them.." epic win guize =)
  8. gettting your slayer to 99, in the process you'll easily hit your target
  9. this, when introduced they put a dent in the ability of botters to operate. We seen as a welcome and lucrative bonus for bottom-end players who might really, really, need 800 gp worth of coal. Santa hats in Mystery Boxes? Prove it...
  10. FoG gauntlets, combined with air runes + varrok tele, Does any one have a reliable tokens per hour spread?
  11. Ok, we have all heard variations on the theme of Smithing is pointless and/or useless countless times, but why is it considered such? Smithing used to be a highly valued skill, the ability to make the best armour in the game at a time, meant that PvPers and PvMers relied on skillers to produce the weapons and armour that kept them compative, getting 99 smithing was considered a licence to print GP and high level smiths would be able to afford to have dozens if not hundreds of miners and merchants suppling them (I'm lookingh at you Zezima, Bluerose) knowing that they would be able to make a profit from what they made. Now? 1: Rune (at least in p2p,) is seen almost as junk, Dragon, Barrows, Granite and now the newer GWD armours make it obsolete, 2: Unless you can mine all the ores you need it is EXTREMELY expensive to level compared to other 'secondry' skills, (i.e fletching, cooking and runecraft) )the price of <s>most</s> all ores far outstrips the cost of finised items. 3: Even if you can mine all the ores yourself to get to 85 you would have at least 99 mining, ( assuming 40 to 99 smithing is about 250k coals or equvilent) 4: PvM far outshines it as a means to make money, in the time it takes to make any money from smithing, a player camping TDs, Abbysal demons or GWDs would make many tens of millions of gold more. So is there a solution? 1: No, adding asthetic touches (cannon updates) or ways of gaining experience quicker (SC hammers) only further devalues the skill, players like myself who smelted steel bars 'generally' feel short changed as they believe there hard work is underminded by cheap or showy updates 2: Yes but PvMers arn't going to like it... Adding the ability to make granite or dragon items to smithing will be incredibly unpopular, hordes of players would likely respond "OMG wats the point of training slayer to 85 if I can just smith a granite maul?!"
  12. Obvious troll is obvious. Again, Lock please?
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