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  1. I'm more worried about the gp tbh, ankous sounds like a good shout may try that out tommorow. With regards to Slayer I was doing a lot up until recently but I found that I seemed to be getting to be getting the same dull tasks over and over again, I wouldn't mind if it wasn't things like Greater demons that I kept getting.. I would be looking to make quite a large amount of money too, to unlock extremes
  2. Now, I'm not 100% sure on what to do for this, I'm looking to get to 90 in attack, strength and defence and I would like to make some cash whilst doing this. Efficiency is no major issue with me as long as it's not rediculously low xp/hr. I was thinking dragons and then banking bones and hides but I'm not sure due to the botting issues, If I do decide to go dragons which type? Other than that I'm stumped, any other ideas will be greatly appreciated. :)
  3. I've only recently started using Kuradel, didn't realise she didn't give out scarabite tasks.. That's another free space then :) I'm not really much of a cannon user tbh, might invest in one now and use them on these tasks.. Thanks :D
  4. I'll give them a go then, Thanks. As for my blocked tasks, What tasks should be ideally blocked?
  5. Are Waterfiends worth Blocking or not? I'm not too bothered about the charms tbh, but are they an easy task that is enjoyable and that I can get done quickly or is it rather a hard task that's gonna take quite a lot of time and effort..? It would be using my last perm block spot.. (Others taken up by; Black Demons, Hellhounds, Dagannoth and scarabites) Thanks in advance :)
  6. Just a quick small question that I'm a bit stuck with, I've got all the charms for 68 summoning, so if i get 68 does my Guthan's become pretty much obsolete or is it worth keeping? Cheers, Bomber EDIT -- Pretty much everything I do that is combat related is Slayer.
  7. There is a sticky for this -- viewtopic.php?f=12&t=516149
  8. Just got this sweet little level. Sorry about the picture being such bad quality :thumbdown:
  9. I'd say aviansies would be best for you, if you tanked with 60+ B2P tabs you could get a couple of thousand addy bars.
  10. Infernal mages really don't drop enough runes or anything else to pay for the food in my experience.
  11. You need to complete the Nature Spirit quest so that you can enter the area where the obelisk is.
  12. Chaos Druids are pretty good for herb drops but they are quite far from a bank and are occasionnaly crowded.
  13. You should be able to do it with ease, I did it at 70 attack 66 strength 65 defence and 69 hits. As for inventory I just had a few prayer potions, and the rest of the space filled with monk's.
  14. If I were you I'd go to either Shilo village and fish salmon and trout, or you could just fish lobsters in catherby.
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