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  1. I don't remember that, who said what? Are you sure they were corr and not another clan? I think perhaps that was VR. They did crash and certainly would be spamming things like that. Corruption should not have been, like Enzock I don't remember any such spamming.
  2. Corruption vs Tip it Shamelessly stolen from the tip.it post: With no prospect of a fight this week, Corruption turned to the tip.it community after hearing talks about them willing to have a fight against a large clan. Knowing that meant a possible 300+ people attending we were quite excited and eagerly anticipated a great challenge. At the same time, we knew that VR would crash. We started the fight on a french world, to allow everyone to get in the one world and to make sure it was a clear fight world. Corruption starting: 288opts Tip.it starting: 340opts As expected, within seconds of the fight starting VR charged. However, immediately the clan world came together to fight the common enemy. SE, DF, Exer and the tip.it team along with CoR turned on VR. Within minutes VR were in shambles, no piles, no spam and no fall ins. It was a failure of epic proportions and in admission of this failure they left as quickly as they came. The crash attempt pathetic. With VR left slinking back across the wilderness, Corruption and tip.it started up their fight again. This time it was left uncrashed and with the organisation you would expect from an established clan vs a team (ably lead by Red fat1 and dbzruler) it was hard for tip.it to get piles. The fight lasted 15mins and at that point the tip.it team, after an enjoyable time decided to finish it up there. I'd like to think that we sent a direct message to VR today, along with the clans that have since teamed with them to crash TT v DI. VR, if you have resigned to crashing every clans fight each week, then don't expect to ever enjoy another fight again. Syndicate, if you chose to ally with VR in their crashing of every other clan, then expect the same fate. CoR ending: 300opts We very much appreciate the help from SE, DF and Exer in handling the VR crash attempt. It is an excellent show at the strength of this community to see clans come together no matter what differences (obviously referring to DF) to tackle a common pest. Finally, thank you to tip.it for the giving us the fight, we particularly enjoyed the friendly attitude and approach you came into the fight with, which reflects on the tip.it forums as a whole very well.
  3. Corr starting: Di Starting: Se+Mori starting: (40 people just not fully visible) Corr+Di ending:
  4. Shows that numbers arent always the most important thing :
  5. We dont post our wins on RSC right now - start awhile back and mostly came down to bias moderating and a rival clan flaming every topic. For example, seeing as this fight was part of a clan tournament - we had to post it on RSC as proof we won. Members from the rival clan were posting saying it was an "shocking upset" because we only won with 7 people. Things like that show us that its better to stay away from posting topics on RSC right now - and its done us the world of good. Most of our fights are posted on our own boards, which anyone can view after registering (takes 30 seconds). Sometimes we like to post on other boards - get our name out for different clans to see, but as for being tip.it based, I do not think you would call us that. We are neither.
  6. Corr Starting: RDC Starting: Corr Ending: RDC fought very well and can take pride in their performance - the fight went on for awhile because it was from west tree to west rocks and hugging was allowed.
  7. True article, well written. We are a society that loves to criticise and often neglects to pay respect and thanks for the positives. Jagex's efforts in 'fighting' the bots as well as continuing updates is to be applauded - that goes without saying. Only issue I have is with the Jagex customer support. As I paying member I do not appreciate submitting ban appeals or reports and getting automated responses telling me I was in control of my account when I already have said that or that "Jagex cares", but cannot find the time to answer me. I hear they read these messages but just submit the same response, I think that is lazy service. Don't get me wrong, I realise that people dont have the time to sift through millions of letters a day, but I think when it comes down to appealing bans, they should take the time of day as well as let the person have the room to submit a real appeal (not restrict their characters so much). The problem is they dont really mind about that one individual who gets the automated response, because after all loosing their money per month is not an issue since another 5 new members have signed up to take his place. Thus, the 5 year dedicated paying customer has been chewed up and spat out in favor of new money. I believe that is where I get the image of Jagex not caring and where any aspects of 'hate' arise. NOTE: I haven't been banned, nor received any black marks, its just something I lament at - watching many good friends receive bans, mutes and other punishments for no apparent reason, or one that is very easily and clearly explained (despite not having room to properly do so) but simply ignored with the standard automated "you were in control of the account" response.
  8. As posted on our forums: Corruption v Divine Forces Last week we approached DF for a planned run in - they declined but said if you want us come get us. So we massed for a week and did. We gathered and went up, hitting 300+ opts before we got up to members gate. DDed at east tree on w40 and waited for Df. However, we got bored of waiting so after 10mins or so we hopped to them. The fight was intense for the first 2 hours, with large starting opts for both sides - it was even for the first 2 hours with both sides giving it their all. After this, Corr started to step their game up, our spamming became harder, piles faster - transitions amazing. DF were unable to keep up with us, we were just on fire. The remainder of the fight was Corruption dominating, moving around simply hitting DF every time they regrouped. We have to thank the AC clans, there were heaps of them - most notably EH who stayed the entire time I believe. They kept the fight very clean, hardly any NH made a forceful entrance at the fight. Corruption should be proud of this amazing win - complete dedication, desire and we deserve the win. Number 1?! Stats: Starting: Corr starting - 312 Df starting 260+ Ending: Corr ending: 258 Df ending: 0 (whatever they had when they left)
  9. Definitely CoR v DI - at the time DI were considered a lot stronger than us, didnt think we would win. Was our best turnout with around 140 -150 people to start the fight. Was one of our best performances on the day also, one of the few that I can still remember from the past.
  10. I am eagerly approaching the clan chat system, and although many are doubtful of its usefulness I prefer to take the cautiously optimistic approach. I can see it helping a lot of clans in communication, especially the smaller ones. At the same time I believe irc will continue to be used by most clans anyway. I really think it could help in the wilderness, especially with communication - where is the main pile, what we are doing, relaying info privately. Some limitations I am worried about is what if there is a max amount of people on it, say 50. That excludes most of my clan and results in the chat being useless in many scenarios. Another issue could be if a rival clan decides to try to create and own all channels associated with your clan name. For example if your clan is called Warriors, a rival clan creates and owns all channels such as #w, #warrior-clan, #warriors - and you are left with some obscure stupid one. Regardless, I will wait till it actually comes out before I come to a conclusion on the system. Until then I cannot wait to see what its like.
  11. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing how the clan chat works out
  12. I see where you are coming from lethal, and would agree with you - except dave has a good suggestion to fix that problem - simply not allowing any comments whatsoever on your list.
  13. Favorite type of clan: Pking Favorite Activities in the clan: PK trips that don't last over 3 hours. Love being able to return, but hate when we get into big run ins that stretch on for 5-10 hours. Favorite part of being in a clan?: The atmosphere, the friends, talking to everyone especially in Teamspeak
  14. Options, more commonly known as the shortened term opts is something clans use to gauge how many people are present at their PK trip. Something considered as great opts would be 300+ (over 100 people), something which is rather low would be 60 opts whilst a good 200 opts is a solid turnout. Keeping in mind this would be in the context of a top 20 clan. You can see how many "opts" a team has when they stand still following the leader. So for example, look at the top of this picture, it says "attack XXX /147 more options. Generally, when clans take opts in the wilderness, you divide the number of opts by 3 to get an accurate picture of how many PEOPLE were at the PK trip. So in the case of that picture, we ended with 49 people after starting with 200 opts (66 people)
  15. CoR members we dont need to post here anymore please; just be repeating what we have said on this topic. My suggestion: come up with your own topic to spark a new discussion :P
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