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  1. Was a pretty good fight. 3 kills, no deaths.
  2. Hello. Corruption isn't new to these forums, but we havn't been using them as much as we should lately. We have a fresh topic lately that I would like for you to check out. http://forum.tip.it/topic/304658-the-corruption-clan/ Feel free to join our irc channel and let us get to know you.
  3. i'm not sure if f2p pking and warring are what you are looking for, but if it is, corruption clan is a Gmt based clan that might suit your time zone. we also have active members who do pvm events. if nothing else, join our irc and register on our forums as a guest and get to know some people. here is a link back to our tipit recruitment topic: http://forum.tip.it/topic/292924-corruption-clan/
  4. http://www.rscorr.com/forum/index.php?act=idx our forums. feel free to register, take a look around. read our stickies and post an introduction. i look forward to seeing you around. if you have any questions, dont hesitate to pm me here or on cor forums.
  5. Originally posted by Robtokill- Corruption punisher: First up - NI was there targetting DF and VR with 100 opts - RoT were there Targetting Corruption alone with 100 opts. Crashers were at this but it was just as bad for both sides. This all started with us going after VR, at first DF came to our world and we presumed they wanted to fight, we dotted at membersgate waiting for them, they showed up on the outskirts, saw our opts and decided not to fight us - We dealt with it and left to go Hit VR. Within 5 minutes we were tracking VR on every world and eventually we rushed them in single, About 5 - 10 minutes into fighting them in single DF tell us that they are planning a run in with VR and so we're somehow "crashing". 1. No, We were fighting VR before you planned anything. 2. You know our stance against VR right now. DF came and rushed us in single to team with VR about 5 minutes later. Corruption switched to a new world to regroup for 5 minutes then switched back to 74 to take on VR and if need be DF as well. Corruption starting - 282 DF + VR starting - 330+ Opts Corruption rushed VR west of GD's and dominated them straight away, within 1 minute DF rushed in to back VR up however it made little difference, Corruption took control of the fight with superior organisation, taking advantage of the fact that DF and VR were all over the place and lacking organisation completely since they were trying to team. We quite simply wrecked them for around 1 hour straight. After this Legolas from DF called it off for DF, Not because they wanted to stop fighting CoR but I'm presuming here (correct me if i'm wrong) Because he did not want to be teaming with VR, Which is perfectly understandable. After DF left VR quite simply got molested even worse, they lasted maybe 5 minutes before the remaining few VR regrouped in single and left. After the main fight was over we cleared out RoT retreated and NI left quick (couldnt find them, switched worlds) away from the fight to somewhere, once high lvl multi was cleared we took our ending and left. Corruption ending - VR - We will not stop hunting your every trip until Ray is kicked from VR for hacking CoR members and giving out their credit card info, personal details, impersonating CoR on RSC and making topics stating we are going "NH", We will not tolerate this behaviour, you are fools if you think you can talk your way out of it. Oh 3 Kills and just 1 Death btw.
  6. nah, it was only a planned run in and both df and cor trade wins back and forth.
  7. i wasnt allowed to go since in only foc. but i sat in lumby for during the whole fight and got updated. i cheered everyone in pm's and msn and even went so far as to spam msn that i would show nekid pics to all cor who got 10+ kills! :oops: oh yea, thx to all the clans who aced.
  8. i am pretty much going with what demonchild said. irc will still be used because u can say whatever u want and post links. i do beleive that rs clan chat will be more beneficial during pk trips and such, but i am also concerned how jagex plans to moniter people trying to impersonate others. as stated, i guess we will have to wait and see what it will be like. tbh, im more excited about the new clothing styles they are promising... :P
  9. i will discuss this with a di official.
  10. Oo, i wonder if i am in that anarchy war?
  11. The Titans approached us with a offer of a mini, matched options. 3 day prep. We headed up to high alter with 200 options, we then grew to 220. We had to cut 100 opts because TT only had a turn out of 120 opts. The rest of corruption would be acing. We headed to East tree and huddl'd and waited for TT to come. The fight started with "duth" some thing being piled in tt, and legend being piled in corruption. Legend lasted alot longer. The Titans put up a tough fight at the start, with good transitions and spamming. There were parts of the fight where it looked tt were winning, but about 20-30 mins into the fight Corruption stood victorious with 60+ opts. Corruption starting opts - 115 The Titans starting opts - 120? 2 kills 0 deaths Corruption Ending opts - 60+ The Titans Ending opts - 0 Few kill pics Thanks for the Fight TT
  12. gratz again on your victory rsd. and i am glad to see you here mr. 800. i figured you would like a little change of pace from the rsc topic to get away from all the spam and flame bating from non related parties. good job to both clans on the mini. i heard it was an awesome fight to watch.
  13. seriously warwiz, if you dont support the use of tipit, then go back to rsc and have fun. i am quiet sure that when the need arises, more cd mods will be appointed. and i am also sure that tipit staff will do their best to appoint a balanced order of mods and keep an eye on them. just because the majority of users here are from quiter clans, doesnt mean that tipit staff members havnt been around the block and know what it is like to handle top clans and issues. however, i myself will support punishing and suspending any old or new users who try to turn tipit into a bullcrap penis size comparing forum like rsc has become.
  14. yes, it is very nice to see them in action. i remember when i first joined anarchy and alot of people gave gladz a hard time for the whole 'pray noobs' reputation. but after a few yrs in anarchy and several fights with gladz, i gained a hell of alot of respect for them. awesome clan to fight.
  15. i dont think comments are too bad if they are made constructivly. not something like 'df>cor cuz we kicked your arses and u are scared noobs and cant win without nh helping' but ya, i personally hesitate to bring any sort of ranking system here.
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