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  1. Stolen from RSC. Since CoR doesn't use RSC anymore. I figured I'd bring this topic to Tip.it. Heres how it works. You go and you voice YOUR opinion on the top 5, 10, 20, or 30 clans. You can give reasons for your selections, but no flaming. I'll give you an example by posting mine here. This is just my opinion for this current date. 1. CoR/DF - Need to fight. Think CoR can take them. 2. DF/CoR - Having internal problems, members leaving. Lost to DI. 3. DI - Need a clean fight with EH. 4. EH - Need a clan fight with DI. 5. RSD/EoS - Should really fight each other, my moneys on RSD.
  2. We did ok today. I've seen better but i'm not complaining. GF TRWF. Would have been closer with matched ops (obviously). But yea, hope to do it again soon. Clean fight. \
  3. Most amazing fight for me would be CoR vs DI official war. CoR pulled 140 people, 399 ops. And DI came with 350 ops and we waxed the floor with them. :D
  4. Corruption is 90% f2p. All of our official pk trips are f2p, only a few unofficial p2p trips such as CW and stuff. But we only war and pk in f2p, pulling about 280 ops on average, mostly maxing at about 380-399 ops.
  5. 1. CoR/DF 2. DF/CoR 3. EH - someone should take this spot from them. 4. DI - Coming back strong. 5. EoS?
  6. By far NOT DI. Look at them now, they're getting dominated by 3 clans everytime they fight them. I'd say the most dominant would be DS, however a few are rising to take their spot. Such as DF and CoR.
  7. Grats Guys. We did great. And yes all 333 ops of those are ours lmao.
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