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  1. I've recently just returned to playing again after being gone for 6 years or maybe even longer. The most I've done was get get 94 fishing, finally maxed out 99 defense to complete all 99 melee combat skills and now working on getting 80 prayer. I'm debating on either working on range/mage after but need advice on where to train ranging for fast xp at. I'm 79 range at the moment and since I'm an "old timer" player, I bought 300k steel arrows to train the "old way" but I don't know a good spot anymore since the game's expanded so much. I would have chosen the Greater demons at the cave near Yanille since that is where I use to train ranging so if anyone has a better suggestion please let me know.
  2. The clan world declined even more when Jagex took away the wilderness n put bounty in then PVP worlds which didn't help whatsoever. Jagex did not save the game like they save when they took away the wilderness. They heavily messed the game up basically. RIP to the Greatest Clan ever in Rs History.
  3. I'd probably rank them around #15-20... And to think there was a time when they could've claimed #1. I want to see them back in their old power. their old power only took up to the spot of rank 3 which was back in '05, too many clans in front that are way tougher for them to beat.
  4. u should just delete this thread. We all have different taste in music, we don't need u commenting on if the song, singer or music video sucks, because my kind of music is mainly hip-hop and I like some of those songs, but I listen to pretty anything that I think is good
  5. this is runescape, a game during the medieval times, not COD. Being organized depends on the clan officials on how they want a clan to be. You don't have to be in one of the top clans of RS to be in an organized clan, it just depends how the clan works.
  6. Someone who just goes with the flow......
  7. Power comes from having a strong community. U need both to keep a clan standing.
  8. The Greatest Clan ever in my opinion. No Rs2 Clan ever held the #1 P2P n F2P spot for years yet I still miss those days back then
  9. -The old D.I. -RSD back then -Devils -ZF -Wanderers -BDK -AoD (Army of Destruction) (back then I was in it, everyone in it basically quit rs)
  10. Pats n Packers most likely..... hate those 2 teams... :roll:
  11. happens on every game pretty much, its annoying yea...but i'm use to it...when playing halo 3 live, theres a lot but i mainly just turn my volume on my headset to low
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