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  1. Well its the only thing that has kept me intersted in this game I guess I just like pking having fun events and waring with the same people aswell as chating and posting on clan forum with one and other gets u closer to your online friends
  2. oh nvm then lol btw wasnt thinking for anarchy I had the jr clan soa in mind.
  3. Just wondering regular turnout results [b]Clan Name[/b] [b]How Many Members dose your clan have?[/b] [b]F2p or P2P based?[/b] [b]How Long has your clan been around?[/b] [b]Regular options pulled to PK trips[/b] [b]Dose your clan use a strike system for people who miss/skip events?[/b]
  4. nice Highscores but why is it half the people on it are in other clans am I just missing somthing or is it a joke? Ghjjf uhh so when he stop leading di? robtokill he quit corR? Starwars90 Ruby Devils?? thats just a start lol.. If you would like a war ask soa im sure they would be glad to war seeing how your clan probley dosnt even have 15 real members :-s http://www.clananarchy.com/forum/index.php?act=idx
  5. I don't think they r around no more atleast I don't hear of them warin or in pk runins.
  6. If Runescape Is even still around 5 years from now I cannot see it having the same pk style it has now Im sure they are going to change the game to benifit it for clans seeing how clans are pretty much keepin the game alive as it is. I bet they will have more organized fighting spots for clans so thier will probley be alot more clans with less amount of members in them.
  7. Lol that sucks but its funny that someone went and made the site just added a extra y
  8. Pretty much do what all them said. What clan is it anyways?
  9. I think it helps because the more clans the more options your clan has to chose from when picking wars and allys. uhh more clans out pking the more fun clan pk runins are. I do not really see a way it can hurt clans but it is alot harder to start a clan these days with all the good clans out there to pick from.
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