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  1. Aye, he be right, it be axactly the same as what me questbook said,
  2. Greetings! I be trainin' agility this very moment, and I think I noticed something trange 'bout the part where ya have to cross the slippery ice, For some reason, I seem to sucseed more in crossin' the ice when 'm almost runnin' out o'food. Could the difference between bein' weightless and carryin' 12kg o'fish affect yer chance to cross the ice? Perhaps this be worth investegatin'... Can't do it meself though, for me membership ends within two days... Balance be power! Grimnirwher9 P.S. Bein' heavy seems to have a negative effect on jumpin' the steppin' stones too.
  3. I can confirm this trick. I am doing this quest now, and just made these marinated bones. I used the spell "Superheat Item" on the Jogre Bones, and it worked: I got burnt Jogre bones. Balance is power! Grimnirwher9
  4. Heya! Recently been doin' the Scorpion Catcher quest, and noticed some differences with yer guide. After catchin' the very first scorpion, I returned to this lad known as the Seer, but the next clues he gave me were not the same as those in yer guide. At first, he mentioned Peksa in the Barbarian Village (the scorpion was picked up by a shopkeeper in a village two canoe trips away form Lumbridge) instead of the Barbarian outpost. Peksa then told me he left the scorpion in the Barbarian outpost, as a "suprise present" for his brother Ivor, who lives over there. Oh, aye, and this Seer also gave the hint for the third scorpion immediatly, instead of waitin' 'till I caught the second one. So, i started wondering, maybe it be time for ya to update the Scorpion Catcher quest guide? Balance is power! Grimnirwher9
  5. I heard someone say it was his last name. Could be, though. No, actually not. Zezima is actually 1 account with 6 users. Yes, I know, it's against the rules, he should be banned and blah blah blah.
  6. I have a few accounts, so I'll do them all... My main account is Grimnirwher9 I used to be a Grimnirwher when I started to play - it's not important what a Grimnirwher is - so I chose Grimnirwher for my nick. It wasn't occupied yet, lucky me. Now I immidiatly lost my password, and I didn't find the Lost Password Recovery section of RS yet, so I had to make a new account. For some reason, Grimnirwher seemed to be taken yet (wonder who took it), so I had to put a number afther it. I chose 9, because 9 is a magic number in the ancient Norse mythology. I'm very interested in this mythlogy, you know. Grimnirwher is an ancient Norse word too. My other accounts: Bloodinsand: refering to the story of Abdul Alzharred, an magician who was torn into pieces by demons that he summoned himself afthe being provked by his enemy Daful Cirio. The blood of Abdul Alzharred dripped into the sand and was later mixed with molten silver to make a set of magical tarot cards. "Blood in sand" is a part of the spell you need to invoke the magical powers of these cards. Nice story, what? Gunnlod: She's a goddess (a Vanir) in the ancient Norse mythology. McDiarmada: he was one of the leaders of the easter Rising in Dublin, 1916. I like Ireland and the Irish. Voicesclan: The same name as the clan I'm in... I use it to manage things for the clan.
  7. Don't know what I'm thinking of exactly... But it's a good one...
  8. Hi! As maybe some of you might know, I am member og a new clan, the Voices, but we do have a little problem. There is this really aggressive clan, that comes into our headquarter and refuses to go away, even if we ask politely. Then they start to insult us and say that we have to leave - in our own headquarter! Is there anybody who knows what we can do about this? It's very annoying, you see.
  9. I'm really had it with him... Me and about 5 other guys were mining in the guild. one of them starts to say: "Mine! Mine" about the rocks. i find that not kind. me: is your name on it? him: yes me: liar. there are no names on them him, u froob *i notice that his cb lvl is about 10 lvls lower then mine* me: i have a higher combat lvl then you me: so you are a froob, not me him: combat lvl doesn't matter, total lvl does me: So what's your total lvl? him: 750 me: wow me: mine's 809 *that's true* him: so? me: you are a froob, not me me: froob! him: but i don't act black like u do *what the hech does he mean with that?* me:... me: i don't act black him: u r a racist *wtf? this is going too far* me: yeah, right me: m fianc̮̩̉̉e has blood of 6 different nationalities *that also is true* me: so... i am a racist? him: yeah and you're 60 years old him: you're just an adult without a life me: an adult, indeed *i'm 18 years old. In my country, that's adult* me: but i think i lived more than you will have when you're 80 *wich also is true, i passed trough lots of things during my life...* then i went to the bank. I'm curious if he ill say anything else.
  10. ...spended 2 hours into draynor bank last week... doing nothing else then reporting lvl 3 auto-woodcutters! It were SO much, they just KEPT coming in...
  11. lobbies and swordies indeed give more xp, but also requires a higher cooking lvl... meat wouldn't... And it indeed would just be used by noobs, that's true... But now, meat is also just used by noobs, not?
  12. I'd like to find two players back. The first is 666men He made me starting playing runescape, teached me everyting about it, you know. Whatever, he told me he got hacked, but he was going to try to rehack this account. Afther that, we lost contact. Does anyone know if he's still playing, and if so, with wich account? The oter one is Gor500 We met somewhere between Lumbridge and Varrock, about two years ago, and became good friends. We even tried to start a clan, but afther a few months, the clan broke up and I lost contact with all of the members. I found one of them back on another account, Thalmora, but he didn't know what happened to Gor500. Does anyone know if he's still playing, and if so, on wich account?
  13. Hey fellows, I've got an idea about cooking meat... Now, you have three "levels" of meat: raw, cooked, and burnt. How about some more of these? You could have Raw Meat, Cooked Meat (B), Cooked Meat (s), Cooked Meat (a), and, of course, Burnt Meat. Note: (B) means "bleu," (s) means "seignant" and (a) means "a point." I've made som pictures for example: You recognize the Raw Meat at the left, the Burnt Meat at the right, and the Cooked Meat, wich is here Cooked Meat (s), in the middle. Between the Raw Meat and the Cooked Meat (s) is the Cooked Meat (B), and between the Cooked Meat (s) and the Burnt Meat is the Cooked Meat (a). I can almost hear you thinking: "But what's it good for?" Well, there are a few improvents. i will explain all of them. First: the experience points: The first time you cook the meat, it'll become cooked (B). If you cook this, you get cooked (s), and so on, 'till you have burnt meat. The more the meat is cooked, the more risk of burning there is, and the moer XP you get. Second: the money: The more the meat is cooked, the more risk of burning there is... so the more it's worth, expecially in shops. Third: the risk of burnig the meat: When you for example put your raw meat at the stove for too long, you wil not get burnt meat imediatly, but for example cooked meat (s) instead of cooked meat (B). This means you will burn less meat, except when cooking cooked meat (s) into cooked meat (a). Last (but not least): the health points: the more cooked the meat is, the more hp it will heal (this is also a reason why highly cooked meat should be worth more then slightly cooked meat) So... What do you guys think of that?
  14. Also just happened: I was mining coal in the mining guild, wearing full rune (g), team-19 cape, gold gloves and gold boots. Then this guy comes to me and sais: "Get chicken feet. They are brighter." Who the bleep does he think he is? My clothing advisor?
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