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  1. I just watched a discussion similar to the one you tried to start play out on a forum for a game with no connection to Runescape, and it's surprisingly common in gaming as a whole. If you decide to follow up on it, maybe try Off Topic or the video game forum? They're a bit more comfortable with serious arguing and probably a bit more disconnected from Runescape's side of the conflict.

  2. It seems now the time is just not right. It's time for me to go, and I'm really not sure if and when I will return. There was some good, but I'm in horrendous physical pain right now, and I just don't have any strength left to deal with the bad. Goodbye all. Miss me if you wish, but if you don't... oh, I actually probably have a very good idea why. Good luck to anyone that fits that category.
  3. That is all. I don't feel like giving a classical debate sort of presentation because I sincerely doubt the majority cares, and who are efficiency players anyways.
  4. ^ One of many reasons why I respect Randall Munroe a lot more than Scott Adams. I have friends that can't spell and make a lot of grammatical mistakes. About the only time I'll tease anyone is if a mistake might lead to some legitimate confusion. Otherwise, if they get their point across-- grammarian fits be damned. I'm also reminded of Zonorhc's old Times article about a similar topic. Some people here fell all over themselves debating about it. The gist of the argument, really, is that chatspeak and grammar/spelling mistakes can be difficult for readers that don't natively speak/write/read the language. I said I understood that one, with Spanish as my second language; native speakers have chatspeak like "ola ke ace" (hola, que hace- hi, whatcha doing) and many Hispanics, especially Latin Americans, will skip punctuation so sentences run for an entire paragraph, if that. Tripped me up for the longest time and of course few of them were understanding when I said so. (They really don't consider punctuation a big deal for informal communication.)
  5. Did any of you actually look at his stats? His Slayer level is 50. All y'all that said "worthless" have at least one maxed account or an account that is near maxed. So, then, have you checked your bias? I know the majority all speak from efficiency, but I see so many of this majority offering advice that mostly applies to high level players, but not much to low to mid-level players. Obviously, pm me pl0x, jellies could be moderately useful to you in a few levels, at level 52 to be exact. I don't think banshees would be much worth your time, though, unless you've done Smoking Kills and can access mighty banshees, but even then-- probably still not worth your time. I got the banshee and jelly masks recently, too, but haven't used them yet. Probably will use them like I do the crawling hand mask I got from the previous set-- run them with the highest Slayer master that assigns them, then kill the highest version of the monster I can. And I will run them when I've just finished a task from Kuradal I really detested, just to break up the frustration and monotony. I'm not an efficiency player. I play for my twisted niche amusements, some of them playing styles this community has forgotten about. These masks increase the chance of a trophy head drop, and I want some trophy heads of the Rellekka Slayer cave monsters for my Rellekka-themed POH. A Kurask one would be superb. I play for odd reasons... scoff if you will, like the others here may very well do. But this is my take, and I'm stickin' to it.
  6. Consider where Classic (RS1) is now. I know it's not an entirely fair comparison to the 2007 August snapshot-- after all, Classic was still in Jagex's fledgling days, and when the Gower brothers were still actively involved. So, granted, I don't think 07 will decline as quickly as Classic has. But if things stay the way they are-- it will probably go the same road. The ONLY thing that I think would actively save 07 (and Classic too) is if Jagex retrofits them for HTML5 and whatever other tweaks are necessary to run on smartphones and tablets. RS2.5 (EOC) and the upcoming RS3 are far too complicated for such mobile technology, but 07 and possibly Classic could do VERY well there. Seriously. Think about what mobile game apps are out there, then consider the possibilities.
  7. jaklumen


    Noxx: followed all of that... what a wild, crazy, rather scary ride of a day. Today was OK, but yesterday I got stuck 4-5 times for some cortisone injections, into the muscle. I don't know if it'll help, I did 5 rounds of cortisone into my spine and nothing lasted longer than a week or two. We'll see.
  8. Your question would better be served EDIT: oops, my bad, Q moved it to Maps & Calculators, that's the right placebut I've sent a message to a Moderator, asking that your thread be moved there.
  9. @Arceus, "From the Desk of RuneScape's New(b)est Veteran": A fictional account that is more critique and commentary than pure storytelling? I like it. Nice change of pace. @Dracae, "Capescape": I'm a spoilsport, but not a total spoilsport: Kudos, please! :twss:
  10. jaklumen


    I went to the emergency room, again
  11. As others said, do the Challenge, with a crystal saw, especially if you want spins. Then move to another training method you find efficient/enjoyable. My guess is Jagex uses the Challenges for minor server management; i.e. get players to train methods they wouldn't do otherwise, and spread things around.
  12. Dev knows what he's talking about: clear sound and clean content really DO make a difference. Oh yeah... no problem with using YouTube, but you might wish to put in some pictures to hold people's interest.
  13. So he's lacking some sophistication in his arguments. I don't think that invalidates his purpose at all. I was going to claim devil's advocate at least, in light of all the criticism, but then I saw Kimberly's posts. By the way... I've worked the 12 Steps. Yes, I'm aware that drug and alcohol addiction is different than other compulsive-obsessive behavior. I'm aware of the arguments that say anything that does not have a physical withdraw is not textbook definition of addiction. In my experience, I think it's a worthwhile discussion, and it doesn't do well to marginalize something as trivial. @Rellik Sans: Yes, I know that quitting in silence is the expectation of most players, and I know that goes for quitting clans and communities for the game as well as quitting RS generally. But I don't agree at all with guilting someone for the sake of conformity. Consideration goes both ways: you can also be silent and let that state that you disagree or at least are not interested in what he has to say. I think taking a break from a game is more ideal (and I've done that for RS). But I've seen plenty of people that can't even do that, and for all sorts of games, many of them non-pixelated. Sometimes a clean break really is needed. I had to do that with some other types of gaming-- Live Action Roleplay (LARP) was the big one. The players were socially toxic, and some of them really were throwing their lives away. Sadly I had to realize I was trashing relationships with friends and family (a few of them were playing the game, too), and that it wasn't worth doing so. I'll be 39 next month. At the risk of sounding ageist, I'm guessing Tom is speaking more to the age 18-25 crowd, and where that's an age of starting careers, families, and independent lives-- I think he's got every reason to make his argument. Yeah, I've seen some players more my age trying to escape their lives, but I think that changes the argument a little (they aren't throwing away potential-- they are throwing away what they've established).
  14. jaklumen


    I went to the ER today. I decided to quit Facebook myself-- even extended family members were vulnerable to melodramatics. I'd trimmed down my Contacts to just them and then after considering trimming them, too, I decided there was nothing left for me. So I nuked my account and never looked back.
  15. Lenses sure do make a difference. I can only guess at the accessories, though. One of my brothers-in-law uses a lower-entry Canon Rebel (Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi), but my father-in-law is all about Nikon. He got a D7000 a few years ago because it fit all the lenses he had already. The camera I use was the missus's choice; if I had money to spend again I'd get a good camcorder and sit down with my daughter to start working on some video... she's moving in much the same creative direction as I am in that regard
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