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  1. Thank you very much, i had no idea where to look. And livid farm wont be such a effort if i liked getting 99 agility:P
  2. Ive helped pauline with 160310 points, but i dont know how much astrals and nature i need for 850k points, im only doing farm en craft with livid farm,(not cons) and i have a mudstaff. Thank you for reading
  3. ah i see, is there a guide on the internet that says how much energies i need to buy per tier, or per level? I coudnt find one, maybe im blind>.<
  4. how much money do i have to spend 88-99, because ive no idea how much i need to buy
  5. is it worth using energies, btw?
  6. i dunno avatar bonus?
  7. good thing i cannot pvm for *****, but ill do it the oldschool way, just option 2:P
  8. will that be expensive(85 now)
  9. Well alright, i got my 99 attack yesterday thx for the help..... now to my last skill divination-.-
  10. hmm good suggestion, will do that after i get the mask pieces. Btw drygores is out of my budget so i got my tetsu with dual rapiers
  11. Im trying airuts with bonecrusher now, just figuring out the right set-up.
  12. Thanks for the advice karnsy, but 300k-400k/h with red spiders sounds a bit to much. Are there more methods?
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