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  1. Thank you very much, i had no idea where to look. And livid farm wont be such a effort if i liked getting 99 agility:P
  2. Ive helped pauline with 160310 points, but i dont know how much astrals and nature i need for 850k points, im only doing farm en craft with livid farm,(not cons) and i have a mudstaff. Thank you for reading
  3. ah i see, is there a guide on the internet that says how much energies i need to buy per tier, or per level? I coudnt find one, maybe im blind>.<
  4. how much money do i have to spend 88-99, because ive no idea how much i need to buy
  5. is it worth using energies, btw?
  6. i dunno avatar bonus?
  7. good thing i cannot pvm for *****, but ill do it the oldschool way, just option 2:P
  8. will that be expensive(85 now)
  9. Well alright, i got my 99 attack yesterday thx for the help..... now to my last skill divination-.-
  10. hmm good suggestion, will do that after i get the mask pieces. Btw drygores is out of my budget so i got my tetsu with dual rapiers
  11. Im trying airuts with bonecrusher now, just figuring out the right set-up.
  12. Thanks for the advice karnsy, but 300k-400k/h with red spiders sounds a bit to much. Are there more methods?
  13. Hey, What are the fastest methods on attack, im looking at atleast 150k xp/h. i got ovl and chaotics(low budget ftw) Thanks for reading
  14. the item''potion'' is pretty rare because its useless, atleast i think its useless. its 24 gp in the ge
  15. owh, yer i didnt know, it said all questions should be here but oh well
  16. Why isn't the sculpting chisel on the construction calculator?
  17. didnt you read the last part what he was saying?
  18. There is a big hole in the market of video making: updates. With omar gone, no one shows the new solomonstore stuff, the latest content updates in the game and squeel prices. If you have good knowledge of this game this might be your subject.
  19. Alright i will get started after i get 99 hunter, thank you for the tips guys=]
  20. thx, are you sure you can survive without prayer pots or food?
  21. Alright, what kind of inventory do i need?
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