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  1. I have a problem with my microphone. I'm using Trust Headset HS-2600 I know it sounds very weird, but my problem is: My microphone doesn't work. I have tested other microphones on my computer so it's not the computer. I tried to open the microphone to see if I could fix it inside. Then recorded the sound of the microphone so see if something would happen if I turned the small chip around, push it and stuff like that. I noticed that every time I mashed it between my fingers the recorder recorded sound of a French radio station (I live in Luxembourg = next to France). It's like my microphone is turned into a radio every time I press it. I hope you can help me!
  2. Thank you. I think i got an answer :)
  3. What does moose mean? :wall:
  4. peterspliid


    Can someone give me a typical Canadian telephone number?
  5. What is better dragon battleaxe or dragon longsword.
  6. There are so many people with 99 cooking. How do they get so easy cooking xp?
  7. I think coal is fastest, and you make alot of money Mining guild or p2p at the coal trucks
  8. thanks for the fast reply! i'll do shilo quest soon 60 att 60 def 57 str
  9. how do i get the fastest fishing xp Please tell me where and how :)
  10. I can't have two windows with Java open at the same time. The Java screen gets white. So i can't have the world map open when i play rs, because it's using java too. I have the newest Java installed. I hope you can help me
  11. What is the easiest / fastes / cheapes way to get magic from 70 to 99?
  12. where do i get fastes limpwurt roots?
  13. It depends how rich you are. I wouldn't pay it if I were you, even though i have alot of money
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