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  1. Hey everybody!I'm reacreating the ledgandary topic of the you've been playin runescape too much.Post your humorous answers here!I've got a couple. Someone cuts you off and starts shouting SCAMMER down the freeway. Post some more to this!
  2. Hey ya'll!Come by and visit my site @ http://www.idrcody.com!
  3. Have a good story that you want to be judged?You can come here!!!Here is everything you'll need. DESCRIPTION If you have a good story that you want to enter in our contest,Post it here.Your stories will then be judged by me.The best three stories will win. RULES 1.Your story must be about runescape. 2.You must follow all of the tip.it/runescape rules. Prizes 3rd prize:Free order at any of the ASA facilities. 2nd prize:full Mithril 1st prize:full rune How to enter At the bottom of your story write: Runescape Name: Forum name: are you a famous authour?: I wish you all good luck!
  4. Welcome to brimhaven survival. How To play We all meet in port sarim.We head over to brimhaven.We try to survive. What you need to bring/requirements Pickaxe,lvl 20-->,cape with your colour(Team colurs will be introduced in meeting). Game Operators Gme operators will be in a blue cape.If you wanna be one,ask me. Prizes The winning person will be recieving:100k. Rules 1.Dom,t bring any food,potions,etc. on the trip. 2.No dying then returning. 3.No buying anything from the general store 4.If we figure out you are cheating,you will be disquilified. 5.If you have a house on the island,going to it is strcitly forbidden. 6.No taking a ship to ardougne. 7.No protests if we are unfair(we are not). Notes Time & date:August 3,2007 noon MST World:76(members) Meeting place:Port Sarim Metting There will be a meeting in my house(taverly) about this event on the same day that the event is on,just at 11 mst.
  5. The other one was canceled becuzz i didnt get my members.This tyme!I already have my members!The same as last time Feast:We have dinner and chat. Free Roam:roam around my house. Free Trade:Trade cool items with anyone at the party!!! Surprise games:We play tons of little games(there will be prizes). Notes: Time & date:Monday,july 30th,2007.Noon mst. World:World 76 Place:Taverley portal have a fun time!
  6. Y'know the tv show survivor.Well its came to runescape!WE will gather in port sarim and go to karambja so bring gp!Here is everything you need to know: Things to bring:pik,gp,(nothing else may be brung) Date:7/15/07 world:72(f2p) time:noon mst Prizes:1st place:15k,other stuff,2nd place:fire tiara,other stuff Hope to see you all there!
  7. Dude,my mom just died=( and we have to go to her funeral so I can't make it,ill be bak on monday.Can you save me some stuff,i don't care what it is but if you do take requests ill take 300k,500 lobs,otherwise,just get me anything. THx dearly!, drcodyjones rsn:drcodyjones
  8. I will be hosting a costume party here soon.We will get in many costumes(Frog prince/princess,chicken suit,etc.).Well!Here are the notes: Notes: July 12,2007 Noon mst world 75(f2p) Port Sarim We are also allowing bisinesses to be there.What kind of business can come: 1.Cooking 2.Fishing 3.Mining 4.Smithing 5.runecrafting I will bring my whole business(ASA food shoppes).
  9. I'll be happy to do a food sale.Names ASA food shoppe.Add me,drcodyjones.Check out the food marketplace.(ASk KSA to.)
  10. LOL...I'm positive...if i was caught smoking i would get whipped so hard!
  11. I will be getting my members back after a long 4 month break...I thought that i should celebrate!But whats a celebration if it's only me at my boring,small,house...(Kitchen,dining room,parlor,workshop). Notes 3:00 p.m MST June 26th,2007 My house,Taverley Bring kitty Events Feast Drunk party Cutest cat contest I hope you enjoy!
  12. I think that the graphics team is doing pretty good...i can't wait till it's bettr graphics!
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