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  1. It hasn't been updated for over 5 years, and can't even look up any name on the high scores. Thank you. https://www.tip.it/runescape/calculators/advanced-summoning
  2. Oh yeah I'm getting it now with a 0 in front of the experience too
  3. I'm not having this problem at all... What values are you entering into the calculator?
  4. Only thing it could use is a player XP lookup like all of the other calculators have...
  5. Oh love what you did with the profit, adding the secondary prices too. It didn't seem to noticeably slow it down for me. And thanks again for the programming, I'm glad someone took on the task :-)
  6. Also I would much rather make Barker Toads instead of Arctic Bears, as would a lot of people... Something to consider.
  7. That would be better, since you don't say on there that it is only from selling the pouches (and the cost of secondary ingredients isn't even included. But yes, thanks for those fixes :-)) - It's still not on the Special Calcs page http://open.tip.it/pages/view/special_calculators.htm and http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=special_calculators.htm. Also, most people don't even use the new site yet from what I've heard. I don't even know if you can do this, but it would be nice to know whether it will appear on these pages at any point in the future.
  8. Charm type for each pouch should be listed Income section should be defined Problem I noted with Gold Charms holds true for Crimson as well (Scorpion Pouch --> Elemental Titans [lv. 79]) This may be true for other types of charms at lower levels as well.
  9. Thanks for your help, this looks great :-) Edit: I can see this being very beneficial to not only myself but also to all who use this site for skill help. Therefore, do you think it would be possible to include it under the "Special Calcualtors" section, or perhaps the Skill Planners section. I'd hate for this great tool to go to waste because people don't know it's there. Let me know. Edit (2): I see that also the calc is part of the special calculators section, as there is a link back to that page on the calculator itself Home Calculators Advanced Summoning (At the top of the page). I assume it just takes a while to get it up there or whatever, but anyway, thanks again! I know I'll be using this many times in the future to help level my summoning, as I know others will, too. Edit (3): This is true, but for one exception. I think we can both agree that 'most people' train summoning with Gold Charms using the Barker Toad pouch, and not the Arctic Bear pouch, as the former gives nearly the same experience and ends up costing less. Also it appears that at level 70 and below you have Dreadfowl Pouch (Level 2 familiar) listed as the way to use gold charms, rather than a host of other (viable) options from level 2 to 70 inclusive.
  10. I agree. There may be similar tools out there, but I think tip.it needs to have one. Edit: Plus that calculator is in Java, which is less implementable than JavaScript (language all other calcs on tip.it are in) as far as usability is concerned.
  11. Often before training Summoning I will go through the tedious process of using the Summoning planner to plan out how many pouches of which familiar I will make at what level, how much money I will spend, how many charms I will have left over, etc. So I am suggesting the Advanced Summoning planner. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think it would make a nice addition to the Special Calcs section. Enter in your level, which level you want to reach, and how many charms you have of each kind. The calculator will then show you the following: Most XP effiencient way to use your charms (How many of each pouch to make and when to make a different pouch [at a higher level]) Most cost effective way to use your charms How much money the shards and tertiary ingredients will cost How much you will make back from selling the pouches or exchanging them for shards & total loss/profit For instance: At level one, make 10 pouches of this using 10 gold charms and it will cost 10k. Once you get to level 2, make this pouch with green charms and it will cost x, level 5, make a different gold charm pouch and it will cost this amount, etc. I think it would be beneficial to include both the most cost-effective and the most XP-effective (gp & xp/charm), as well as allow users to check or un-check pouches that they do not want to make or cannot make (e.g. un-check Arctic Bear pouch even though it is the most cost effective, because you would rather make Barker Toad pouches, or check on Talon Beast because you have some Talon Beast charms, etc.) Limited tertiary items should also be included in calculations. Say you have 40 abyssal charms, there should be a field for that as well and that should be worked into the calculations. I would try to make this calculator myself, but JS isn't my strong suit, so I'm hoping that someone will take on this project :-)
  12. Yes indeed. The bots are crowding castle wars bank chest and the nature rune altar. It's not strange that nats have crashed recently. Bot nuke now please, Jagex? I've been seeing more and more bots *cough* greendragons *cough* too, makes me sad =/ I imagine gearing up for something as big as last year's bot nuke takes a lot of time though, to be fair...
  13. http://forum.tip.it/topic/293038-legends-guild-page-error/page__p__4837486__fromsearch__1#entry4837486 Wondering: How long does it take on average to correct something like this?
  14. Sure. Do you get a lot of false reports? ~_^ sudoblue.com/image/legends.png My Proof
  15. http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?page=legends_guild.htm At the very bottom of this guide (Legends' Guild), there is a picture which shows the basement of the Legends' guild. This picture lists the "Pit Scorpion" monster to be at level 32, when in fact, they are level 28.
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