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  1. Hey mate! Your doing great, I know you can achieve this goal, you have always been my favourite slayer. Keep up the good work! =D> :thumbsup: ~Bone
  2. No mate! I really wanna give you those 99.000GP, Please let me, cause I would have accepted 198k if I achieved 99 mage. :anxious: O:) ~Bone
  3. Sry guys, that goal can get to hell out of my life.. :roll: I might start slay again, gonna make these 42k p ess into something first.. Cause I bought them 105ea, and now p ess are 95ea, dont wanna loose more cash. so I got lots of job to do. :anxious: ~Bone
  4. 138k? :o My math suqs.. I really wanna get it too.. But I think I'll just get a 99 getting me enough money for the cosmics needed for 99 magic.. I can't stand runecrafting anymore anyway.. ~Bone
  5. Sry guys/gurls I have to disappoint you yet another time.. But this time I got a reason for it. . I get 25% less exp then I would outside MTA so I gotta make like 70k more cosmics, all I can say is no thanks. 103k is more than enough, but 173k? Suciding is better, now Bone has to find another goal :) ~Bone
  6. Why u so gud? Wub you mate!! Keep up the good work, I'll beat ya one day anyway :wink: :P ~Bone
  7. Gratz on that nice smithing lvl!!! :thumbsup: What you smith for 99? :-k ~Bone
  8. Thanks Hobo. :D @Aneron, thanks for saving my blog, I tought it was dead.. :-w :ohnoes: ~Bone
  9. Yep 99 attack is kinda a side goal to 99 fishing. (Yes 99 FISHING) Good luck to you too! :D Oh, and gratz on 99 fishing. :thumbsup: ~Bone
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