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  1. The simple fix, and yes it is very simple, is not by adding more things into the game to try to stop what has been happening, but it is to take out a part of the game that fundamentally ruined it for many players: the Grand Exchange. With the Grand Exchange gone, the economy CAN NOT be a problem because prices are set based on need and not on a socialism technique. We all know that this is the only fix and the only way that anything can be fixed. Bring back the old wilderness and then all the PK'ers will be happy. There's a term you never hear anymore... PK... Those were the days. And by the way, let's be honest whoever buys money to get ahead, who cares?!? Is it any worse that they are now giving away free money? I think not.
  2. When I use the scroll, he does the act of shredding the tree but doesnt ever get anything, also my woodcutting stays at 82/82. Why is this?
  3. What do you generally need to bring to the alter if you want to be the one who crafts air runes for runners? Should I have some essence or money or air runes or what on hand? I make 5x air runes.
  4. What kind of a pole do you need, fly fishing or what, and do i need bait?
  5. What should a level 54 train on in fishing to get to level 63. (My dang lvl 3 scroll brings me into the fishing guild) Any ideas of what and where to train? Thanks
  6. do people buy them at all, even on the forums with junk or what?
  7. you can only buy 100 every 4 hours??? why???
  8. Do people buy Yew longs that are strung on the g.e for max price (618)? Why? and, is it common?
  9. Ok, thanks a lot, I think i'm going to the members dungeon and I'll kill greater demons. Thanks a bunch.
  10. When you said black demon's, were you in the chaos tunnels, if so, is there a hiding place with a halberd?
  11. Am I supposed to survive until sublevel 5?
  12. Are you guys talkin about rock crabs?
  13. If somebody could make a list of the top five widely accepted charm droppers or the best for each of the original 4 colors I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for any help.
  14. A level 35 Non-member. I am gonna be pure str after i get 40 att and 30 def. I am looking for stuff with good drops (or just rare) or something that could make some money. Any imput would be great. Thanks.
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