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  1. First I'm typing this on my phone because work is slow atm so I apoplogize in advance fir typos and anything that just doesn't make any sense. I'm looking for a clan I can do stuff with and socialize with, without an obligation to attend events and such. I used to be extremely avid about clan progression, advertisment and participation. But I eventually grew up and got a life. I'm just playing now after work and in weekends so i don't go out and spend my money every single night. Gets expensive. I started playing back in 2001 maybe June. I've been involved with a couple clans over the years. I played pretty hardcore up until about 2006 then got into WoW and dropped Runescape. Now in the last couple years I've been losing interest in wow especially earlier this year when i played the Beta for the stupid Panda xpack, i just gave up all hope. I work for Geek squad on the Service Center Parts Ordering Team. I'm 25 live in Kentucky. I like comedy and action movies, follow several stand up comedians, don't read many books. and i like a lot of crime drama tv shows like Sons of Anarchy, Lie to Me, anda bunch others like House, Walking Dead, Big Bang stuff like that. My RSN is Sculd1 let me know if you've got something for me.
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Lookin to get back into "the game"

  4. Hi I'm just a retired player coming back looking for a group of people to play/talk with. I've been playing on and off for the past couple years not really knowing what to do anymore. I'm just looking for a Clan preferably with an average age close to mine (23) or older. I originally started playing back in 2000 or 2001 just after they dropped the Party Hats. Was a member of a clan called "Clan of the Black Dragon" back in classic. Then founded "Runite Legion" after Runescape 2 was released, after that clan fizzled a little, me and a group of ladies from the guild made a small Skilling guild (when that became the thing to do) called "Death by Skillers". I was co-founder/web admin for these two guilds pretty much up until I graduated High School in 2005. Now I'm just bored looking for something to kill time after work, while my fiancée is at work, we're on separate shifts now. I'm moving to a new, better, apartment toward the end of February, excited about that. Other hobbies include, music, paintball, and I'm looking to start skydiving with my fiancee in May. We saw this video for Wingsuits a while back and it looks really fun, but most places require that you have sky diving license and 200+ jumps within the last previous 18 months, sooo thats a feat in itself. Well there you have it, ummm character is Sculd1 I recently changed to BuckSeaw if Sculd1 doesn't come up.
  5. Alright, I've been doing fletching on and off, with magic longs, it's a little less profit than yews, but since you can do less of them for more it's a little faster. I just don't think I'll be doing like 10k at a time, thats just asking to get burnt out. As for the dragon legs, you got a point, although a clan friend of mine was suggesting Torags leggings, since their a lot cheaper, would these be better than other barrows items? My thinking on it is, only buy like 200-500 Mage Logs for 1.2k each because thats the upper end of the price more people trying to sell for that, and just pick the flax myself, thats like what... 336 coins per bow? Plus I make the nats for alching myself so even if I have to buy essence thats still a 226 coin profit. So I can turn 240k/600k into 307.2k/768k whats thats a ... 67.2k - 168k profit? for less work where as yews are probably over double the work/time, for the same profit. But yeah I think I'll try and stick to fletching. Though I did around like 600 the other day and quickly got bored.... Anyways... around 10.5k Mage longs till 90 fletching so... thats a potential 3.528M profit I guess will just take a while if I do like 500 a night after work maybe 1k a day on my days off... Whats that... almost a week and a half?
  6. Alright there a couple things I want opinions on here. [*:10rcwy18]I'm bad at holding onto money, I just recently got back up to around 1M, and I noticed Dragon Platelegs are only around 1.3-1.4M. So I'm wondering if going ahead and getting those now would be a good investment or not. [*:10rcwy18]I've been getting bored on RuneScape pretty easily lately, but I enjoy playing it, so I really don't want to lose interest. One thing I've been trying to do is get a minimum of Lv60 in all skills, at the moment I have 58 Herblore, 57 Construction, and 58 Farming (should be able to get 59 by tomorrow). Only thing is I really don't think I should put the money out for Construction and Herblore is iffy. I've also been thinking about doing all the quests, though I'm a quest noob (191 QP) and really don't like doing quests. I currently have 31 quests to go. Thirdly something else I've been considering is getting 90 in a skill, which is sad I've been playing almost 7 years and haven't gotten one yet. At the same time though I want to make money off the skill I level. The only skills I think that would fall under this catagory are Fishing, Fletching, Mining (ugh), Woodcutting and RuneCrafting, which I'm kind of burned out on just about all of them. Anyway here are my stats Please let me know your opinions on what I should do.
  7. Probably because people that play that play RuneScape are more goal oriented, and it's free and only 5 dollars a month for advance membership, where as WoW or GW are like 30-40 dollars to by the game and 15 dollars a month 9 i know WoW is but i'm not sure about GW).
  8. Here's a suggestion... mine something higher than iron.
  9. well here it is: Tell meh what ya think... i guess rate it if ya want 1-10. Ten being top.
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    I have it centered on RuneHQ, but this forum doesn't have the center tag so I can't here... What do ya think... I could do with the pic of me and the shadow warrior but yeah... Noob 4 life thing :P Since this forum has different restrictions I guess it would be okay just to use the N4L thing and the underbanner (would like like this instead): You think that works for the the restrictions on these forums?
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