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  1. Easier than I thought. You need a kalphite task, nihil, reckless aura, scrimshaw and the other goodies I'm using there. Sharpshooter aura works alright if reckless is on cooldown. Be sure to extend both.


    It's best to range, because magic can't use asphyxiate, melee can't use destroy and melee is worthless on mage phase.



    Mage phase is about 80-90% outdps rate, use devo when necessary, don't be afraid to prioritize dps over dodging a couple of balls.


    Melee phase is about 50% outdps if you use Onslaught.


    Range phase is for building adrenaline as meleers hit too well and it stuns too often for onslaught to be effective.

  2. they don't know how to barricade?


    also nice 71 araxxi kc [bleep] YOU


    no, they usually die somewhere during mirage. The whole raid has to survive. Still havent been able to get an aphyx team btw :( 


    calls me bad then does raids in max tank gear.. smh

    camping max tank gear is pretty good for yaka feats and animal cruelty.





    444 shapeshifters





    500 bananas later..



    Almost got the quest master cape :)

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