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  1. How long does it take for F2P players to get 99 str att and def? because ive looked into this with some detail and most members say that it is soo much easier because levelling up them skills are more fun, due to pest control the mini games etc Ive been playing for a year or so ( i still have my easter ring thats how i remember) and i can honestly say getting my combat levels up are going at snail pace... any suggestions?
  2. That quote about " I will be playing games til i die" that is so true, after all life's a game , you learn to play :thumbup: I love this game, not only is it something to do but its a good challenge, its challenges patience, especially if your a non member, things seem to take longer. I don't know maybes it does.
  3. Yes, but i think mods. will realise that this thread is not actually pointing a big finger at you asking for really in depth personal details. It weird to find out how many people are over 16 who play, i must just be unlucky and hear affence from the young ones on the game lol
  4. Lol by the time I'm 25 i think there will be another RS game coming out.... probablies expand and bring something out for a console... you never know?
  5. Your so true mate, i can play on RS for hours on end but at the same time doing other stuff such as, having a cigarette every so often, on the phone to mates, but at the same time enjoying my skill increase in the game, i dont particularly know a date when to stop playing because i know, sometime or other when the game gets boring or i have full time work etc.... i will very rarely visit the site but as for the meantime i enjoy playing!!
  6. Hi, i should formally announce who I am, Nathan (RS name is Grubbz2k6)Ive spent 3 hours of my boring Sunday searching the net for RuneScape related sites. My point is... I play the game when i like.... and I love it, im not addicted, preferablys a bit obsessed now. When playing RS the often question i get is ... how old are you? My response to that is 17, and the usual feedback i get is haha your sad, 17 and your still playing this,noob... etc etc the usual immature behaviour. I state that RuneScape has not set up this game for a required age group, I started playing when i was 16 with mates who were 17 and 18. We were just the usual normal teengers, went out got lashed, starting fights, pulling birds, having a laugh. I also see that some players in the game seem to call eachother freaks,geeks,nerds,time-wasters general slagging off... because of their ambition to play the game, when the game for me is just something to do when i get in from work or college ... or something to do when im skint or friends arn't doing anything through the day. I still play the game, although none of my real life mates, which has not stopped me playing, but my question is... How old are you and what would you say was your brink to stop playing this MMORPG?? Thanks for reading ... Nathan
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