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  1. at what point do you repair pouches? as soon as they start degrading or do you wait a bit? just a question ive always wondered
  2. the thing i liked the most was that in the picture of the armour, you have what the items are written next to the item and not just in a list below of best to worst items below the armour pic, when i was a lower level there was sooooo many guides i stopped reading becasue i did not know what the various items were. i havent seen this in any other guides (although i havent read every guide, so if you do use this please dont yell) so congrats on the new idea
  3. decided i will post again to see how many pages this slipped after me typing it up, well done guys my hat size is now 3 times bigger due to my inflated ego :P one thing i saw in someones post was about community colleges, over here (western australia) the government just renamed a few of the dodgier high schools (ages 13-17) or high schools in dodgy areas community colleges discussing this with my girlfriend, we both are leaning towards that the article could be just that the father is making up or exagerating aspects of his sons "addiction" in order to gain custody/more visitation of the children or he is rather upset by the way the divorce went i feel this is also strengthed by nothing is mentioned by the son or mother of their experiences with this and the fact that he went on 6pr which is a talkback radio station here that you can go on and say more or less anything as long as it is contriversial and and can further the stations ratings (much like the sunday times which like i said in my first post is essentialy a gossip magazine, devoid of virtually any actual news content) i feel the chain of his actions went call 6pr --> get called by the sunday times --> get article printed that could be used against his ex-wife anyways, that is just my thoughts (and my girlfriends:P)
  4. im thinking to get a better idea of the article i might have to type out the whole thing, but im just unsure if this is ok to do like i said before, im not really wanting to getting to trouble with my third post this is becasue like ive said before there is a bit left out of the online article compared to the paper article. if a mod or someone similar could clarify this either by post or pm that would be great as im not wanting to get teh site into trouble either
  5. that is the headline of my states newspaper "The Sunday Times" usually i only buy this newspaper for the tv guide and flick through to see what drivel is in it, as usually it is more of gossip magazine than an actual NEWS paper basically the picture is a screenshot ripped from the rs site, which is titled "meander through the swamps" the runescape logo with the runes and sword on top of a background blurred computers the article is interviewing a father who is comparing his sons computer game addiction to heroin, saying how the son was doing well at school and was wanting to become a forensic scientist, to not going to school for 2 months and spent his time alone in a dark room playing runescape for upto 16 hours a day the article then compares it to alcohol adiction, saying "when you first give someone a drink, you dont realise they are going to becom an alcoholic. you dont thinkits a problem, but by the time it is its too late" then goes on to say with way graphics and everything are going its going to become an epidemic" if people want the entire article if you live in western australia you can cough up the $2.20*, if you arent in WA and a mod doesnt rip this down for breaking rules and say its ok, i guess i can type up the article, i just didnt want to write out the article as not wanting to get myself or tip.it in the poo *more in regional areas :P edit: see link below and everyone can view for free please excuse my butchering of the english language, im not much of a writer (but then again nor are the journos in the paper) post your thoughts, if you are going to abuse keep it as gentle as possible please :) http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0 ... 20,00.html this is the link i found off the papers website adtional edit:the headline and picture on the website version of teh article are different to the paper version, also the article is summarised on the website
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