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  1. I find it funny that I've managed only 6+ pages of posts in 42 months of having this thread.
  2. Been using barb since its release. (I'm really good with keeping this thread up. >_>) Thanks everybody. I realize that skillers are less uncommon than they have been in years past, especially of the midlevel variety - the total itself is not my charge anymore in any case.
  3. For me, playing with restrictions makes it more interesting. RL stuff going on, been slacking the last week. Should be back in full force after Saturday.
  4. I'd get bored training combat at this point...besides I've been 89 for so long that being higher would be strange XD Thanks guys.
  5. Haha thanks guys. Hopefully I can just keep it up. 22m agil xp, unlocked F45 at Daemonheim. All things go
  6. Heh, thanks. And yeah, it's getting close to 5 1/2 years at this point. The account's been 89 for almost twice as long as it's been not-89, haha... And yeah, I'm planning to sprinkle in a few larges every week, so 99 dung shouldn't take too terribly long for at least the lower cape. 120 will be a bit of work, though...=P
  7. Was one of the History of Rock TAs in the fall, then taught Fundamentals in the spring. Stupid SOM is getting squeezed like crazy...the fact that I was able to partially fund myself through teaching after my fellowship ran out was aminor miracle really - plus the glory students are the performers anyway, no love for us academics at all XD
  8. Was a masters' in the music school actually...West Bank was kind of my stomping grounds, although I lived in Stadium Village. Didn't play RS at all for the first year, and quit again for the fall of the 2nd year...but the last semester I was just like "ah screw it" and picked it up again. Was a bit awkward though because I was teaching that semester and one of my students mentioned the game...
  9. Thanks guys. Slayer is being done with a combination of cannonballs (can only go to 93 range, so a limited supply of those) and pengs/lamps. Assuming my rough xp per cannonball holds until 93 range, I will need somewhere around 160 weeks' worth of pengs to reach 99. (If I end up doing four 200m skills though, then I will have this kind of time to spare.)
  10. Hey, a freeplay account, and a pretty good one at that. I just finished up a degree at the U in August, had a couple friends in MBH so was over there all the time. Good luck with your RS and school stuff both!
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